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Removed mod, a new page is being made for the upcoming massive expansion, “The Master Within”.

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Using this mod on an existing save file can not only ruin your save file but ruin the experience for yourself as well.  
You can NOT merge Eldenlands with other mods, if you do it anyway, please don't submit any bugs.

Discord Link

Teasers for “The Master Within” expansion are also posted here. Teasers for two new bosses using Genichiro as a base and another boss using Abyss Watchers as a base.

A W.I.P change log as well as a list to what all the classes do is in the Discord as well.


  1. Various bosses have increased maximum health, simply because I felt like the fights should last longer. Bosses have also gained new passives. Any boss with a passive how now received a new name as well, such as The Immortal Queen of Rot" As a warning, this does make bosses in Seamless longer, so you will require extra preparation and coordination to defeat these bosses.
  2. Bosses have received changes to their abilities or attacks, re-inventing the way you fight. You will have to win with longer amounts of preparation.
  3. Multiple enemies have been given innate health regen, but this can be combated by using Anti-Heal.
  4. You receive the Dectus and Haligtree medallions at the start of the game, allowing you to skip straight to Altus or Haligtree. You can also skip straight to Mohg's area by killing Mohg's Phantom within Leyndell.
  5. All NPCs are now much harder to fight. They have new gear, special abilities, as well as a couple of NPCs being able to use more than one flask. 
  6. You start the game with most of the overworld map fully revealed, and you receive three bonfires in a Weeping Peninsula cave, a Liurnia cave, and a Caelid cave.
  7. The game’s form of damage is now less intended for burst damage. As a result, meta is completely removed with the intention of roleplaying in mind.
  8. All classes have been changed and they all now carry a "Class Item" which is either a talisman or an unlimited use consumable that doesn't drop in the world and only can be used by that specific class.
  9. A lot of new items have been added into the game, as well as new armors and weapons.
  10. Stealth Damage is doubled, rewarding players who prefer to play the game patiently.
  11. Complete rework of the Spirit Ashes system for multiplayer and single-player, as well as a all useless ashes being replaced for more interesting ones.
  12. Loot has been completely switched around to make the game feel completely fresh again.
  13. New boss tier added called "Raid Boss" tier, which are extraordinary threat level foes that require tons of preparation to take on.
  14. Every legendary weapon has been reworked.
  15. Spell classes have been changed around.
  16. Complete rework to Spell Catalysts.
  17. Torrent can now be used in more locations, but you will need to heal your horse more often.
  18. Ashes of War have been completely reworked balance wise, they are more so used as an extra move rather than a big source of your damage.
  19. Every merchant sells more items the further you get into their quests.
  20. You can now obtain the Elden Ring in gameplay form, but it is not required to finish the game. These take a lot of work to get but are rewarding, and only one can be obtained per new game.
  21. There’s a lot more features that will be listed in the new page.