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Doubles the HP of all non-boss enemies

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This mod doubles the HP of all non-boss enemies. I felt like normal enemies in the game are mostly pushovers. They deal good damage but it's so easy to clear them out. I've been playing through Caelid with this mod installed and it's a nightmare (in a good way). IMO this change makes the enemies feel a lot closer to how they are in Dark Souls titles.

This mod edits the NpcParam parameters of regulation.bin

If you do not have a mod that edits regulation.bin simply drop the included regulation.bin file into your modengine mod folder

If you do have a modded regulation.bin already, open it up with smithbox (create a new project in smithbox, drop your modded regulation.bin into that folder, then load the project).
With your modded project open, go to the Param Editor tab, select NpcParam in the list, then click Data > Import CSV > From file > Specific Field > hp (see screenshot below)
In the new window, navigate to the NpcParam.csv file located in this mod
Save your project and in the project folder the modded regulation.bin file will now include the enemy HP changes