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Replaces Torrent for the Night's Cavalry Hooded horse.

Permissions and credits
Warning: Do not attempt to play online with this mod or you could be banned. Offline only.

Note: Has no tail because I'm bad and never worked with model flver stuff before. 

-Replaced Blue Spawn SFX when summoning Torrent
-Replaced Blue Jump SFX

1. Download "Mod Engine 2" from: Releases · soulsmods/ModEngine2 · GitHub
2. Extract "Mod Engine 2" contents to any directory you want.
3. Place my downloaded "chr" folder into "mod" folder
4. Launch Elden Ring through "launchmod_eldenring.bat" only
5. Enjoy.

Tools Used:
"DSAnimstudio" by Meowmaritus: Patreon Unreleased Build
"Yabber" by JKAnderson: GitHub - JKAnderson/Yabber: Unpacker/repacker for From Software container formats.
"FLVER_Editor" by ForsakenSilver: GitHub - asasasasasbc/FLVER_Editor: A multifunctional editor to edit and view Fromsoftware game's FLVER file (Sekiro, Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc.)