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A port of the fantastic greatsword mod "Configurable Armory - Camlorn Greatsword" from Skyrim Special Edition

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Camlorn Greatsword - Elden Ring (Claymore Replacer)

Thank you seborn for granting me permission to port Configurable Armory - Camlorn Greatsword to Elden Ring!

Currently, this only adds the "Steel Brown Leather" version of the Camlorn Greatsword, more variants may come eventually.

The sword has a slight increase in range over the standard claymore giving the weapon a slight buff, the additional range is reflected due to the adjusted "301 dummy" in FLVER Editor (See screenshot example)

You can replace this weapon with almost any weapon you like by renaming the file. You can find the item codes here. Simply find the item you want, copy the number in the second row, and replace the number in the provided files. For example, to replace the Knight's Greatsword you would rename the number in the file to 0609 so it should look like wp_a_0609.partsbnd.dcx You may run into issues trying to replace certain weapons (some weapons use different dummies)

The file with the _I following the number is used for invaders, summons, or npc's. I included it to make sure you can see if something else is using the weapon.

There is a version to remove the scabbard in the optional download section. (This is a standalone download, you don't need both files)

Recolour of the Tree Surcoat in the screenshot and other Elden Ring mods coming from me soon :)


Simply put in your mod engine>mod>parts folder (if you don't have one make one or use the provided one in the 7z file).


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