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About this mod

Modifies the "Crimson Amber Medallion" to give the player godmode:
-Infinite HP, FP, Stamina & Max Regenration
-Equip Load & Discovery
-Max Resistance Against Poison, Scarlet Rot, Frostbite, Hemorrhage, Blight, Madness & Sleep

Also modifies the "Longtail Cat Talisman"
-No Fall Damage

Permissions and credits
How To Install:
1.) Unzip the "Godmode Crimson Amber Medallion .7z" file with "7Zip"

2.) Inside the "Godmode Crimson Amber Medallion" folder will be a "Game" folder
and inside the "Game" folder will be a "regulation.bin" file.

3.) Copy and paste the "regulation.bin" file into the "mod" folder of "Mod Engine".

4.) Launch the game with the "Mod Engine" launcher.

5.) Once, in-game equip the Crimson Amber Medallion for godmode & the Longtail Cat Talisman for no fall damage...

-Anytime the game updates you have to launch it without any mods, that way your save file syncs with the updated "reg.bin" file.

-Never place any modified "reg.bin" file directly into the game folder. It will cause unwanted bugs. It is recommended to use "mod Engine 2" to
load mods into the game.