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Explode the player repeatedly on a timer

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This gimmick mod explodes the Tarnished by invoking the Ruptured Crystal Tear effect over and over again. The bomb goes off at a configurable time interval, like every minute or every 10 seconds. The timer is paused while the character is not loaded.

This mod can change how the single-tear Ruptured Crystal Tear effect itself works. Since the mod uses the effect directly, the explosion can be iframed or animation cancelled in the same ways.

Thanks to Captain Domo for commissioning this mod and doing this ridiculous challenge run based on it:


To use this mod, first install Elden Mod Loader by placing its dinput8.dll in the game directory and bypassing EAC.

Create the "ELDEN RING\Game\mods" directory if it does not exist already, then copy both TimeEffect.dll and TimeEffect_config.ini directly into the mods directory. Both files must be placed there for the mod to work.

Finally, launch the game without EAC by starting eldenring.exe directly or using a launcher that's compatible with Elden Mod Loader. If you did this correctly, TimeEffect_log.txt will be created in the mods directory when the game starts up. If the file is not created, make sure you're not using a launcher or exe patch that prevents Elden Mod Loader from working normally.

See TimeEffect_config.ini for more info. Settings can be changed while the game is still running.


This mod makes use of RTTIHook by Dasaav and mINI by Danijel Durakovic. These are provided under the terms of the MIT License.

Thanks to the ?ServerName? community (https://discord.gg/mT2JJjx) for their help getting me started with runtime modding.

Redistribution of this mod or parts of it is not permitted.