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Replaces a bunch of movement/consumable animations with ones from Bloodborne.

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Replaces a bunch of movement/consumable animations with ones from Bloodborne,
with the inclusion of some FFX changes to make it more thematical.
Special thanks to Blubber for his animation repository.

Watch this video to check how they look: https://www.youtube.com
Down below is a list of the replaced animations.



           Drop the reg.bin and chr folder into your mod folder. The reg.bin is there so the flask of Crimson and Cerulean Tears have
           different FFXs that distinguishes them.


           - Idle 
           - Walk
           - Jog
           - Run
           - Backsteps
           - Dodges
           - Healing Flask/FP Flask
           - Physick Flask
           - Spirit Calling Bell
           - Rune Consumables
           - Rune Arc/Starlight Shard
           - Food Consumables
           - Meat Consumables
           - Throwable Consumables
           - Magic Consumables
           - Prattling Pate
           - Memory of Grace
           - Spectral Steed Whistle
           - Wraith Calling Bell
           - Ancestral Infant's Head
           - Omen Bairn/Regal Omen Bairn
           - Mimic's Veil
           - Omen Shackle
           - Lantern


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