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Attempts to reduce the ridiculous damage of enemies in late game areas. Also includes optional tweaks to NG+ scaling values.

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Reduces the absurd spikes in difficulty that exist mostly towards the end of the game.

This mod only affects enemy damage. Things like HP, resistances, and defenses are unchanged. The first half of the game is also unchanged in terms of difficulty. All the difficulty spikes between areas still exist, they are just a fair amount smaller in most cases. Below is a rough outline of how much damage was reduced in each area.

Limgrave, Stormveil: -0%
Siofra River: -3%
South Liurna, Academy Start: -4%
North Liurna, Academy End: -5%
Below Mt. Gelmir, Ainsel River: -7.3%
Mt. Gelmir East, Caelid West: -10.7%
Altus Plateau, Caelid Southeast: -12.9%
Leyndell, Nokstella: -15%
Volcano Manor, Dragonbarrow, Leyndell Sewers: -20.3%
Mountaintops of the Giants, Faram Azula Start: -25.4%
Faram Azula End: -26.3%
Ashen Capital, Consecrated Snowfield: -27.3%
Final Boss: -29.2%
Mohgwyn, Haligtree: -30.5%

It might be possible that I turned down the damage too far in some areas, so please let me know if you think that's the case. This mod is a work in progress and I'd love to hear your feedback.

Update v1.1

A small oversight caused early game enemies in NG+ to deal more damage than late game ones. This is now fixed. Once again, only damage is affected (not HP, Defenses, etc) and NG is unaffected by both the original issue and the fix.

Update v1.2

Fixed NPCs not having reduced damage values (they use different params for scaling).

Update v1.3

Made NG+ cycles harder.
NG+7 end-game enemies still deal slightly (~3%) less damage than the base game on NG.

Update v1.4

Made enemies do slightly more damage (post-game went from a -44.7% reduction to a -39.2%) and updated to game version 1.03.3

Update v1.5

Fixed the NG+ scaling of enemy NPCs.

Update v1.6

- Updated to game regulation version 1.04.1
- Adjusted damage values
- while ~20% seems like not much, the actual reduction in damage is greater due to how player defenses work
- Adjusted NG+ correction values (enemies in NG+ are now all the exact same difficulty)
- Adjusted optional NG+ scaling values (see images)

Update v1.7

- Partially reverted damage adjustments
- Reverted NG+ correction values (enemies in NG+ are now not all the exact same difficulty)

Update v1.7.1

- Fixed some NPC invaders not invading
- IMPORTANT: You now must use Yapped 2.0 to import CSV files

New Game Plus Scaling Tweaks (Optional):

See images for NG+7 scaling values.

Personally I feel like NG+ sucks a bit of the fun out of the game (namely enemies being very hard to posture break), so this is a collection of adjustments to the scaling to make it a bit less of a slog.


1. Make a backup of your regulation.bin file.
2. Drag and drop the regulation.bin into the "Elden Ring/Game/" directory.

To uninstall this mod you will need to replace the regulation.bin file with your backup.

Alternate (CSV) Installation

Make sure Yapped is version 2.0

1. Open your regulation.bin using Yapped.
2. Drag the CSV files from the mod into "Yapped/res/GR/Data/".
3. In Yapped, navigate to "SpEffectParam" on the left and click "Tools > Import Data".
4. If using NG+ Tweaks, repeat the above for "ClearCountCorrectParam".