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This mod is an update to doujzc's standalone Sekiro-Like Deflect Mod for 2H & Dual Weapons, merged with Anisol's Sekiro Dash as Light and Medium Roll. It also features my own regulation tweaks to vaguely resemble Sekiro's base experience.

Permissions and credits
All credit goes to doujzc and Anisol for scripts and animations.

* Incompatible with any mod that alters regulation.bin, barring a merge

Sekiro is handily among my favorite games of all time, so after discovering there was a mod to implement not only its pleasing deflection system, but also its directionally-based and tiered damage animations, I happily paid full price again for the PC version. After the fact, I found a mod to include Sekiro's quickstep dodge, too, which really brought it all together. Unfortunately, the deflection mod was out of date, and the dodge mod refused to run alongside it, so I learned to tinker with DSAS and DSMapStudio to merge the animations and update the deflection mod's regulation file. I also touched the regulation file up with my own values to a point I feel the game plays about as satisfyingly as Sekiro.

It features:

Sekiro-Like Deflection for 2-Handed and Dual Weapons
  • Time your block until just before your enemy's attack lands to deflect all damage and negate stamina loss, as well as inflict stamina damage on the attacker. Enough deflection and your enemy's posture breaks, opening them up for a deathblow (just a critical hit, for now)
  • Continuously blocking negates all physical damage and most elemental and status damage. However, your stamina is lost, and Blight and Thunder are less hindered.
  • All or most of Sekiro's directionally-based follow-through deflection animations are included. An attack from the left will be smoothly deflected right, and vice versa.
  • Also included are animations for a slight stumble backwards and a block of such force you're sent sliding backwards, sword digging into the ground, depending on how much damage was blocked.
Sekiro Dash for Light and Medium Roll
  • A forward roll is now a dash, and dodge rolls while locked-on are quicksteps.
  • Simple as.

Precise values of regulation changes for continuous blocking:
  • Physical Guard Absorption: 100%
  • Magic Guard Absorption: 90%
  • Fire Guard Absorption: 90%
  • Lightning Guard Absorption: 50%
  • Holy Guard Absorption: 90%
  • Poison Guard Resistance: 90%
  • Scarlet Rot Guard Resistance: 90%
  • Bleed Guard Resistance: 80%
  • Death Blight Guard Resistance: 50%
  • Frostbite Guard Resistance: 90%
  • Sleep Guard Resistance: 90%
  • Madness Guard Resistance: 90%