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Resizes the player dynamically using a config file

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Resizer is a dll mod which changes the size of the player. This is a bit janky (see limitations below). There are some obstacles around doing this with enemies, but this mod will be updated to support enemy resizing if those obstacles can be resolved.

Various game systems can be resized, with most automatically changing to match the player size. This is configured in resize_config.ini. Changes to the config file will immediately apply in-game, without needing to restart the game or quit out.

There is a special mode for player size to correspond to the player's current rune level. Other dynamic systems could be supported in the future (e.g. based on a particular stat or item count, or randomly on death or every x seconds), though you can always edit the config file to update size manually. Generally, when movement scaling applies, getting bigger makes the game much easier, and getting smaller makes the game much harder.

Thanks to Dasaav and Zullie the Witch for their investigation into resizing techniques, some of which are used here. If you use this mod in a video or stream, please link this mod page so that it can be easily found. Thanks! --thefifthmatt


Resizer is a standard dll mod. It is likely compatible with most other mods. To use it you must disable EAC, either by creating a steam_appid.txt file or using a launcher which disables it.

In all cases, Resizer.dll and resize_config.ini must be in the same directory. The mod will error out if it can't find the config file.

Startup info and error messages are logged in resize_log.txt. New settings will also be logged there whenever the config file is updated.

Elden Mod Loader

Install Elden Mod Loader in the Elden Ring game directory (alongside eldenring.exe) by placing its dinput8.dll there, as well adding the mods subdirectory.

Finally, put Resizer.dll and resize_config.ini in the mods subdirectory, and launch the game.


These may be addressed in the future based on further investigation.

- Debug scaling (the default) interacts poorly with lockon, causing flickering and constant stamina drain. Avoid lockon when scaling the player up.
- Bone scaling (alternate mode) causes deformation of player arms and legs.
- Weapon scaling applies to all human NPCs simultaneously. It does scale attack hitboxes for direct attacks, but not for projectile-based attacks.
- Character motion in synced animations is scaled, even if this causes the animation to get out of sync. This can happen with grab attacks, opening doors, and several other cases.
- Cloth physics are disabled for any scaled characters.
- Cutscene cloth physics may cause significant visual artifacts and noise.
- Cutscene player positions are not correct, since the root bone is used for relative positions, and so its scaling is completely disabled. This results in some humorous visuals so it's kept as-is for the time being.
- Being high enough above the ground switches the player to a falling state, which can happen when just walking downhill at a large enough size.
- Character ragdolls are not scaled, which results in both incorrect character collision and size changes on death. Fixing this is a necessary prerequisite to supporting proper enemy scaling in the future.


This mod makes use of ERSkeletonMan, Pattern16, RTTIHook, and PointerChain by Dasaav. It also uses mINI by pulzed for the config file. These are provided under the terms of the MIT License. It uses minhook by TsudaKageyu for some override hooks, which is available under its license.

Thanks to the ?ServerName? community (https://discord.gg/mT2JJjx) for all their help in runtime analysis, with a special thanks to Zullie for debug scaling information (ChrCtrl 0x2D4).

Redistribution of this mod or parts of it is not allowed under any circumstances. Parts of the source code may be available upon request.