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Elden Ring - Unofficial Expansion: provides additional weapons, armors, rebalance, buffs, altered maps and new maps.
Download through nexus or refer to my Discord.

Permissions and credits
Elden Ring - Unofficial Expansion

The throne has been conquered, but the not all the royals accept you as the new ruler of the Lands Between.
Meanwhile, a much darker institution, the Choir, emerges.

Unofficial Expansion offers the following:
- 50 new weapons
- 30 pieces of armor (many with special effects)
- 4 new maps: Bononia, City of The Porch; Tarneria, Hegemon Town, Yharnam, New Cainhurst
- Bloodborne Dash (light and mid roll)
- Hunter's firearms
- 3 new summons (Shadows of Yharnam, Hunters of Yharnam, Royal Guard)
- Altered level curves (hp, stamina, fp, equip load, resistences, defence all grow slightly different; you can easily abuse the system, probably)
- More than 17 new classes
- Unlocked Unique Ashes of war
- Larger FOV in no combat time
- Health bar scales for higher hp (so hp bar will be shorter than usual)
- Faster map cursor
- Faster respawn times
- New merchants at Roundtable Hold
- Integrated Grand Merchant
- Smithing Stones and Glovewort can be now bought at the Unknown Merchant's shop, too.
- Longer lasting greases
- Boosted the effectiveness of several talismans and altered effects of few items
- Faster Torrent (thanks to AntiSteak for the tool)
- Eclectic game progression 
- Additional lore (told through new items and equipment)

In order to access the new equipment, check the Crafting Menu.

For a complete list of changes, please check my Discord Server https://discord.gg/n57VJbdYYW), #downlaod-mirrors-and-tutorials. You will find a small guide.

Common problems and common solutions:
Models not appearing, nothing changing besides main menu and... Actually I think that's it. Well, before reporting these problems, please make sure to try the following fixes, possibily all:
- Make sure you installed my mod correctly, following my tutorial
- Make sure again you installed my parts folder
- Find your Elden Ring settings file in %Appdata% and delete it. You do not need to delete save files
Additionally if you have the Save Data is corrupted bug, backup your saves and delete the entire Elden Rign folder in %Appdata%. Launch the game clean so that it creates new files and stuff. Finally, import your old save files. 

It's never been easier: extract the content of my latest release. You'll find ModEngine and ERTools included and preconfigured. Seamless is not included but a guide is provided in my release.

Game language must be set to english!

I would consider this mod early acces, unrefined and incomplete mod. I plan to expand and perfect this Expansion with patches and thematical updates.
Hopefully the DLC won't mess up param structure so that I rather stop supporting this mod.
As stated, this mod started as a repack, therefore a huge chunck of of my Expansion is made of other people's work.
Each modder is precisely credited in the description of every item whose assets I was given permission to use.
Please, before accusing me of stealing assets or using unauthorized content, be sure you know how to read.

I'll just list the names of all the modders who authorized me to use their custom models, in no particular order:
- Madao112
- Snivy101
- ICathal
- ScrubMilk
- Mattplara
- OunceStripes
- SatoshiKura
- SlayerWasek
- ApolloHoo
- SkeletonMaster0103
- Ercuallo
- Chernowo
- B1ackout850
- WrathfulMantis
- WitWoeWendigo
- Ifrit
- Cleverraptor6 (for letting me update and use his amazing Unlocked Unique Skills mod)

If you want to know what author made what, be sure to check my new weapons' description.
Some of the models were imported fully by me from Dark Souls III.
Some of the models were imported by from mods for Dark Souls III, and that is the case of most of Bloodborne equipment. In this case credit is due to PinoIsReading, who seems to have been offline for years now.

I want to thank the Discord communities of ?ServerName?, Scrub Milks Community and Elden Ring - Hexington for their support.
I want to thank Gabe12345, thefifthmatt, george/kingbore, Pear and 『 .S L e N d 3 r』/ Calibur Master for tolerating my stupid questions. Thefifthmatt also created Convenience Mod, which I used to unlock warp in tunnels.
I want to thank Xylozi for his Boss Resurrection mod, Anisol for the Bloodborne Dash mod, Erd Tools CPP by Nordgaren which enables map and crafting in combat. Cheesecakes61394 created Guns' Blazing mod, which I used for the firearm effects. Vawser created Grand Merchant, which I integrated.
I want to thank Katalash for the essential Mod Engine 2, and LukeYui for Seamless Coop, which is not included but everything is set up to easily make it work!
It is very important to underline the crucial role of Dylan/Auram, author of Dark Moon. Even though this Expansion isn't an addition to Dark Moon, it was created considering Dark Moon's regulation. All the rows are unique, so Unofficial Expansion's new equipment should not overlap with Dark Moon's original content.
I want to thank StrideerR for his precious support: it helped me changing so many rows and fix some very annoying bugs. 

Special credit is due also because the new NPC scripts were made by Dylan/Auram (and/or team) so I didn't create those new merchants and rows, but I simply altered their models and positions, giving them new identity and different shops.
Eventually, per transitive property, Dark Moon's credits:
water_bear - Elden Ring: Shattered
AinTunez - DarkScript3
asasasasasbc - FLVER_Editor
Clever - Unlocked Unique Skills 
Hexinton - Elden Ring Cheat Table
JKAnderson - Yabber
Katalash - ModEngine2 and DSMapStudio
LukeYui - Seamless Co-Op
Max1021 - Updated Grand Merchant for 1.07.1
Openborne - bbtools
TechieW - Mod Loader
TKGP - UXM Selective Unpacker
Vawser - Grand Merchant and Boss Resurrection

Want to work together to improve and expand the Unofficial Expansion? Want to include your mod in mine? Did I use any of your mods without permission or you lack due credit? Join my selver and find me there: https://discord.gg/n57VJbdYYW.
- You will also find alternative links to download my mod.