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Elden Ring Spirit Battler is a tool to set up custom summons or encounters via spirit ash summons.
Custom friendly summons, summon vs summon, Player vs summon, Free for All. Whatever you want!

Permissions and credits
Works as of Elden Ring v1.10.1 (Regulation 1.10)
Due to how this tool was made, it will usually work in future patches without me needing to update it.

Elden Ring Spirit Battler is a tool to set up custom encounters in Elden Ring via spirit ash summons.
- Summon vs summon. Watch them fight as a bystander.
- Player vs summon. Set up an encounter to defeat.
- Free for All. Somebody will win. Might even be you!
- Custom Spirit Ash. Malenia too hard? Just summon 10 Radahns.

Mod Trailer


Mod Engine 2
.NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime


  • Create custom spirit ashes to summon any enemy you want.
  • Make new spirit ashes to help you with bosses
  • Customize entire fights with any enemy you want, up to 10 enemies at once
  • Teams to determine who enemies hate and who they will ally with
  • Pick phantom shaders for each team. Invaders? Spirit Summons? Completely invisible? All options! (Customizable phantoms TBA)
  • Customize stats as desired. Want Radahn scaled the same as Melania for a fair fight? Want a crab that does 100x damage? Go hog wild
  • Hidden player mode. Watch fights without distract enemies (or appearing on-camera)
  • Set exactly where summons will appear. You can define arbitrary offsets, or just use one of the helpful presets if you don't want the hassle
  • Mod compatability! Just run this tool after everything else has been installed.


  • The current version of Mod Engine 2 does not manage save files, so if you have existing saves: go to "AppData\Roaming\EldenRing" and backup the save files within. Restore these backups before playing online, or you could potentially be banned.

How to Use
  • Download the mod and move all its files from the .zip into any new folder.
  • Locate your Mod engine 2 "Mod" folder.
  • If you do not have any other mods installed, locate your Elden Ring installation and find regulation.bin, then copy and paste regulation.bin into your Mod Engine 2 "mod" folder. You can skip this step if you have other mods installed which modify regulation.bin, just use the regulation.bin that's already in your mod folder.
  • Start Elden Ring Spirit Battler, click the browse button in the top left, and load the regulation.bin in your mod folder.
  • Hover the mouse over options for tips!
  • Create teams and enemies as desired, then choose which Spirit Ash to overwrite.
  • Save Changes. The selected ash should now be changed in-game.


  • Re-added team name options.
  • Added "Spirit Scaling" option for stat scaling. This makes spirits start with default stats and gain power as the spirit ash is upgraded (identical to vanilla summons).
  • Teams are now updated automatically as settings are changed.
  • Added a setting for summons finding targets easily, letting you disable summons noticing and running after targets that are very far away.
  • Added an option for summons aggro distance, letting you emulate vanilla spirit summon behavior (when "find targets easily" setting is disabled).
  • Minor SpiritAshResource.txt improvements.
  • Fixed program version number.
  • Made summon backups not store some pointless data.
  • Added summon backup system, which lets you save and load spirit battler data to json files.
  • Added config file that saves settings.
  • Fixed not being able to disable options for Enable Resummoning and Expand Summon Areas.
  • Added Follow Player option for teams, which lets summons to follow the player around.
  • Fixed default stat scaling level effects not being removed from human NPCs.
  • Fixed stat scaling level effects not applying to non-human NPCs.
  • Improved empty SpEffect detection, which should help prevent "Not enough free SpEffect slots in NpcParam" errors.
  • Fixed an issue where SpEffects were added when they didn't need to be, which should also help prevent "Not enough free SpEffect slots in NpcParam" errors.
  • Public release
  • Support human NPCs and populate enemy resource with humans.
  • Enemy search now filters enemy variant list too.
  • Added FAQ button
  • Added option to expand the amount of areas you can summon in
  • Added option that lets you summon and resummon without reloading the game
  • Swapped default team's Team Type for Column Left (Enemy -> Beast) and Row Far (Beast -> Enemy)
  • Patreon Beta Release
  • Added Spirit Ash search
  • Changed a default team's teamType, fixing them not mutually hate the "Enemy" team
  • Added randomize phantom color button, and removed that functionality from randomize team name button
  • Fixed summon limit check being off by 1
  • UI tweaks
  • Private Release



- Built using https://github.com/JKAnderson/SoulsFormats
- Contains param definitions from https://github.com/soulsmods/Paramdex and https://github.com/soulsmods/DSMapStudio