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An overhaul of the Dragon Greatclaw to be cooler, stronger, and maybe just a little OP. Download to get an all new moveset and Ash of War!

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Dragon Greatclaw: Unbound

This is my fourth Elden Ring mod, an overhaul of the Dragon Greatclaw.
Here's the list of changes;
- Lore of weapon and ash of war changed.
- Name changed to "Dragonlord Greatclaw"
- Changed damage scaling, now scales off of faith.
- Now comes with a completely new moveset, which replaces the Colossal Weapon moveset. I can not make the mod to where it only affects one weapon.
- Now comes with a new Ash of War, Dragonlord's Annihilation, which replaces Earthshaker.
If you have any issues with the mod, let me know.


This goes for this mod and all of my past and future mods; I do not intend for my mods to be merged with anyone elses but my own. I will not edit the mod specifically to be compatible with a mod that is not my own. I only write the TAEs and things just as a reminder to myself for convenience. If you wish to play any of my mods with another mod that isn't compatible with mine, do not ask me to edit it personally for you, and just do it yourself.

TAE's Edited:
a31, and a661
Paramaters Edited:
AtkParam_Pc, AtkElementCorrect, BehaviorParam_PC, Bullet, EquipParamGem, EquipWeaponParam, SpEffectParam, and SwordArtsParam.
Text Edited: Weapons and SwordArts.
Download ModEngine2 and set it up,
then put the "mod" folder from the DragonGreatclawUnbound folder into the ModEngine2 folder.

Credits go to Blubber515 and cleverraptor6 for allowing me to use assets from their mods and repositories.
Blubber515: https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/users/122095113
cleverraptor6: https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/users/3031161