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Disabling rain animation, tree animation, texture/shadow quality and drawing range reduction with modified regulation.bin file

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I was looking for a ready variant with FPS optimization for my weak PC for the current version of the game, but all themes that I found were not updated to the current version and are no longer supported by the authors (maybe I'm looking badly). I had to figure it out on my own.
Hey all! I have some ready-made solutions for those who do not want to spend time working with DSMapStudio and dealing with all the difficulties that arise when using the program, but just want to download one or more ready-made solutions with FPS optimization for Elden Ring and try them on your PC :). By the way, I will also attach CSV files I have for more fine-tuning for those who know how or want to try to make adjustments manually using DSMapStudio or another program.
These files with modified graphics settings should give you anywhere from 5-15 fps, maybe more in some cases.

Do not use this modification in online-mode. You risk getting banned. Turn-off EASY ANTI-CHEAT and play offline only.

The names of the files indicate the changes they contain. I will briefly describe some of the titles.
  • No_grass — disabled grass in most places.
  • Low_grass_range — reduced grass loading distance.
  • Obj_low_LOD_range — changed in the visibility range of many things.
  • Texture_low_LOD — changed LODs of textures.

How to Install?

Replacement method (easiest)
  • Go to the folder with eldenring.exe
  • Find the "regulation.bin" file and make a copy of it. You will need it in case you need to roll back to default settings
  • Choose and download the fps optimization file that suits you (I left them in the "Main Files" section)
  • Replace the old, original 'regulation.bin' with the downloaded one

* Manual replacement method (Not easy, but it helps to achieve more fine-tuning)
  • As with the replacement method, I recommend that you create a copy of the original "regulation.bin".
  • Download and configure DSMap Studio to work (The easiest way to do this is using this guide, item "MapStudio Setup")
  • Download CSV files with the settings you need (I left them in the "Optional Files" section).
  • Once you have set up DSMap Studio and created a new project in it, as described in the above guide, open the "Param Editor" in the upper left corner of the program.
  • Copy the name of the CSV file you previously downloaded (without the csv extension) and paste it into the search field on the "Param Editor" tab in DSMap Studio.
  • Only one parameter of interest should remain in the left parameter field. Select it with a single left mouse click and choose In the top navigation menu Edit > Import CSV > From File... > All. In the menu that appears specify the previously loaded CSV file and click the "open" button.
  • After that the values in the center should become green, it will signal the success of the work done.
  • Save the result by pressing Ctrl + S or, in the top navigation menu of the program, go to the "File" tab and select "Save Params".
  • From the DSMap Studio project folder, move the file "regulation.bin" to the folder where "eldenring.exe" is located, with replacement if necessary.
  • Check the changes.

If there are no changes or you get an error, you are probably doing something wrong. You can go back to the previously saved standard version of 'regulation.bin' and try again, or just load the file with the settings ready and go back to the first instruction with the replacement method.

Also, please write feedback, did you get with these files to remove the grass or shadows or rain, etc. for your game. It will help me realize faster that there is a problem.

The mod was created for patch 1.08 with Dark Souls Map Studio. I have not tested it on other versions, but, you can try. 
And also i use a translator. Sorry for my mistakes in sentences, if there are any ;)