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About this mod

Randomizes and improves most common loot.
Also guarantees about 70 rare "drop-only" items such as the Magma Blade and the Thorned Whip somewhere within the world.

Permissions and credits
Mod features

This mod randomizes about 1800 of the 4000 game items to offer you a fresh experience without compromizing immersion.

Also makes about 70 rare & annoying to farm "drop-only" items guaranteed at some place within the world.
For example, you can now find a Dismounter in Limgrave and a Magma Blade in Volcano Manor. Happy hunting !

What is affected : 
- crafting materials found as loot
- upgrade materials found as loot
- consumables
- stonesword keys, lost ashes of war and a few similar items

What is not affected :
- weapons, armor, talismans and ashes of war  : you'll still find them at the same places
- crafting materials / upgrade materials found as nodes (plants, stones in tunnels...)
- bosses drops
- important progression items (like academy key, medallions etc..)

This allows you to weave in and out of the mod (to play online for example) without having to fear missing an important item on a character.

Additional features : 
- More consumables and less useless crafting materials overall

- Well-hidden/guarded items will often be of higher quality

- Upgrade materials and golden runes found will match their zone level

- Main bosses unlock regular smithing stones at the Twin Maiden Husks
For example, unlimited T1 stones will be unlocked after defeating Margit. This allows you to enjoy more weapons in a single run.
Defeating the Fire Giant will also unlock unlimited Rune Arcs.

I spent a lot of time on the mod to ensure it was carefully balanced and immersion friendly, but if you find something strange, please report it !

If you would like to pair this mod with a challenge run, consider trying my Oath of the Champion!

Note : you'll find a second randomized seed in the optional files. I plan to release a couple new seeds at each update.

Installing the mod

This mod merely changes some numeric values from the regulation.bin parameters file of Elden Ring
TLDR : Download the .zip and extract it in your game folder to replace the regulation.bin by the modded version

1. First set your game to offline mode, as trying to load the mod online will trigger the anti-cheat (System > Network > Play offline)
2. Locate your game folder, should look like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game
3. Backup the original regulation.bin file to be able to restore to vanilla anytime
4. Download the .zip and extract it in your game folder to replace the regulation.bin by the modded version
5. Start offline & enjoy!

As a game update may break this mod without notice, I suggest you don't update your game during a playthrough without double checking I released a compatible version.
Mod current version supports Elden Ring v1.08, calibrations v1.08.1

Infos for further modding/editing

This mods alters the following tables within the regulation.bin parameter file :

ItemLotParam_map for world loot changes
ShopLineUpParam  for the various merchant inventory changes

I use a dirty Excel file to generate new randomized versions of ItemLotParam_map , then use YappedRuneBear to merge it within the regulation.bin file. I do not intend to publish it for now (Not readily usable by a non advanced-excel user, would require quite a bit of extra work).