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Ever wanted to play as Goku and blast people with Kahmehameha or Ki Blast? Or just beat the shit out of everyone? Well in this mod you can. I took some stuff from my Spellcaster's Dream 2.0, mixed with this dope armor replacer by Ercuallo, and added some unarmed balancing to make it viable. Makes for a pretty interesting Dragonball Z crossover.

Permissions and credits
You will need ModEngine 2 for Elden Ring installed somewhere on your computer.

You will need all the parts from one of the Goku armor replacer mods by Ercuallo.

Copy those parts along with the files from Goku In The Lands Between.

Paste them into your modengine "mod" folder wherever you have modengine installed.

Grand Merchant included so you can get all your spells and equipment for your playthrough.

Staffs replaced by hands (they are invisible) so a staff will need to be equipped in both hands.

All staffs scale with strength/dexterity to scale along with unarmed so the game has balance.

I recommend turning blood off in-game otherwise it reflects strangely with the reskin in the light.

Your load will always be 0 since Goku is strong as fuck unarmed has been adjusted as well

Dodge will now be an instant transmission and you can dodge cancel in between attacks much faster.


Hard mode would be obtaining all equipment other than Blaidd's set on your own.


Comet Azur - Kahmehahmeha

Comet - Ki Blast


Glintstone Cometshard - Ki Blast

Ranni Dark Moon - Spirit Bomb

Vyke's Dragonbolt Blessing - Looks cool as fuck, duration changed to 180 seconds.

Flame, Strengthen Me - Physical/Magic damage buff along with 180 second duration.

Golden Vow - Defense/Physical/Magic damage along with 180 second duration time.

*All the above are now stackable, can be cast by staff, and Golden Vow deletes Flame, Strengthen Me Vfx*


Cerulean Hidden Tear - Unlimited focus and duration time has been buffed to go along with...

Spiked Cracked Tear - Charged spells and attacks have increased damage. (180 seconds)


Magic Shrouding cracked Tear - Raises magic damage. (180 seconds)


Godfrey Icon - Increased damage of your charged spells/attacks.

Graven-Mass - Greatly increases potency of sorceries.

Magic Scorpion Charm - Increases magic attack damage.

The Flocks Canvas - Greatly increases potency of incantations.

Special thanks to...

clevererraptor6 for sorceries cast from your hands!

Ercuallo for the sick Goku armor replacers for Blaidd set!

Xylozi for Grand Merchant goodness!