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Your fists and kicks have been overpowered!

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Uppercut of Doom

Your fists and kicks have been overpowered! Unarmed now scales highly with Strength and slightly with Dexterity. If you 2-hand your fists and charge your R2/LT, the ensuing uppercut can launch most enemies into the sky like ragdolls if the damage is lethal. Your Kick Ash of War does the same as well to most enemies, except it launches them forward!

Feel free to comment on the Nexus page if there are any other enemies you'd like to see added to this list. As of now, most humanoid enemies are added (knights, soldiers, foot soldiers, wandering nobles, putrid corpses, misbegottens, etc.) and some wildlife as well are susceptible to kicks.

Install Instructions

This mod requires Mod Engine 2, which can be found here:

Follow the instructions to set up Mod Engine 2 for Elden Ring, then follow these instructions:

Drop the "UppercutOfDoom" main folder into your Mod Engine folder. Open config_eldenring.toml in your Mod Engine folder and add this line:

{ enabled = true, name = "default", path = "UppercutOfDoom" }

Make sure to add it under:

{ enabled = true, name = "default", path = "mod" }

and add a comma after the end bracket on that line. If you wish for this to be the only mod installed, replace the line instead of adding it under the mod line.
Make sure that no other regulation.bin mods are installed in your game, or conflicts may occur.