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Generic Gameplay Mod for use as either standalone QoL, or added to mods.

Permissions and credits
A tool for runtime modding Elden Ring. 
Backup your saves before using this tool, and restore the backups before going online.

Feel free to use this in your mod. Just link people here so they can get help if the DLL is failing them.  

All features are adjustable in the ini!  

Open map in combat  
Crafting in combat  
Event Flag log to console window  
Auto pickup items when in range   
Lock interactions in combat  
Harvest range multiplier  
Map scroll speed multiplier  
Boss Bar Poise Meter (Replaces damage numbers)  
Entity Bar Poise Meter (Replaces damage numbers)  

How To Use
install Elden Ring Mod Loader and put this mod and ini file in the mods folder for mod loader.
Adjust the ini to your liking and launch the game. You must re-launch the game to change the settings.

MinHook library for hooking functions. 
INIReader INI format reading library for C++.  

Thank You  
LukeYui - Author of Elden Ring Item Randomiser and who's code helped me get this dll setup.  
Pav - Author of one of the CE Tables I use. Talented reverse engineer who is incredibly helpful!   
jamesq7 - For helping figure out the patch for enabling the map during combat and helping with the enable crafting during combat function.  
Wasted - Rust nerd who gives me pointers for C++.  
Tremwil - Smart person who help me debug dumb mistakes. 
TKGP - Author of DS Gadget and Property Hook and SoulsFormats, which got me into this kind of modding.  

If I missed your contribution, let me know! 

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