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About this mod

ELDEN RING Reborn is a solo developed comprehensive overhaul; nearly everything in elden ring is touched upon in some meaningful way.

Permissions and credits
Compatible with Seamless & Randomizer 
Click Here to go to the community discord

Compatible with SoTE and game version 1.12

In summary...
Elden Ring Reborn, aside from being a fully fleshed out overhaul, has a strong focus on QOL improvements, combat flow, world exploration, and most importantly; creating a deeper "sandbox" with enhanced build variation & mechanical experimentation.

Major Changes, Entirely New Systems & New Mechanics
◦ Deflect System
◦ Expanded movesets
◦ Reworked spells
◦ Armor Dyes
◦ Diversified Dungeons
◦ Themed Merchants
◦ Deepened Bow Gameplay
◦ Enhanced Unique Weapons
◦ Harder Bosses (Intense combat pacing)
◦ Freeform Preset Class Creation
◦ Ethereal Medallion Rewards System
◦ Reworked Spirit Ashes System
◦ Enhanced & Unlocked Crafting System
◦ Unlocked Unique skills & Ashes of War

◦ Full Day-Night Cycle (no reset day upon death)
◦ Great Runes provide the power of the shard bearers
◦ Removed Stat Requirements and heavily reworked how scaling works (weapon damage based on stats)
◦ Heavily Tweaked UI for a cleaner HUD with a sepia color palette.
◦ Enhanced affinities with unique passive effects
◦ Integrated Mordrogs posture bar
◦ Integrated DZiggy's Detailed Item Descriptions
◦ Integrated Vawser's Boss Resurrection 
◦ Integrated Daasav's First Person Mode (ERFPS) (not currently in reborn) 
◦ Plenty of small tweaks and changes
◦ and more...

Visual showcase:
A world, reborn. 

Reworked boss fights and boss arenas.

Sekiro deflects with reworked posture system.

Freeform preset class creation

All Sorceries & Incantations tweaked and vastly reworked. Here are a few highlights.

Varying dodges and neutral dodges based on equip load

Tweaked movesets
and overhauled all weapon category combos. EX: Twinblades & Katanas

Unlocked ashes of war and unique weapon skills.

Armor Shaders (dyes) for all of your elden
bling needs & new loading screen art and text 

Elden Ring Reborn community discord:

Installation, troubleshooting and mod compatibility guides all available in the download