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Some re-balancing for elden ring to make the game more enjoyable.

Permissions and credits
Enemies scaling and difficulty re-balancing:-
* Enemy damage is reduced by 25% and stamina damage is reduced by 25%
* With each ng+ cycle enemy damage increases by 2.8% that means ng+7 enemies will still deal 5% less damage than ng
* Enemy stamina damage does not increase with ng+
* Enemy poise damage does not increase with ng+
* Enemy posture does not increase with ng+
* NG enemies drop 3x the runes as original, ng+1 drop 10x this trend increase till 16x in ng+7

* Enemies drop 3x crafting materials
* Also added an optional file with passive fp regen(2fp/s equip *any* chest armor to activate the effect)

* Fixed endure not lasting 5 seconds for colossal weapons
* Leaden hardtear duration is 60s
* Added throwing dagger at merchant Kale(replaced with furlcalling finger remedy)

1) Player poise:- Enemy poise damage decreased thanks to mod author coldpaintedash for their better poise mod

2) Talismans are buffed:-
Crimson amber medallion> 15/20/25% more hp
Crimson seed talisman> 30% more restore
Blessed dew talisman> 0.25%+2 hp recovery per sec
Cerulean amber medallion> 14/17/20% more fp
Cerulean seed talisman> 30% more restore
Viridian amber medallion> 17/21/25% more stamina
Green turtle talisman> 10 more stamina recovery
Arsenal charm> 20/25% more equip load
Great jar's arsenal> 35% more equip load
Erdtree's favor> (5% hp,10% stamina,10% equipload increase)/(7.5% hp,12.5% stamina,12.5% equipload increase)/(10% hp,15% stamina,15% equipload increase)
Radagon's scarseal> 3 increase in vig, end, str and dex increase damage taken by 6%
Radagon's soreseal> 5 increase in vig, end, str and dex increase damage taken by 10%
Marika's scarseal> 3 increase in mind, int, fth and arcane increase damageĀ  taken by 6%
Marika's soreseal> 5 increase in mind, int, fth and arcane increase damage taken by 10%
Starscourge heirloom> +8 str
Prosthesis wearer heirloom> +8 dex
Stargazer heirloom> +8int
Two finger's heirloom> +8faith
Dragoncrest shield talisman> 15/20/25% reduce incoming physical damage
Dragoncrest greatshield talisman> 30% reduce incoming physical damage
Spelldrake talisman> 17/21/25% reduce incoming magic damage
Flamedrake talisman> 17/21/25% reduce incoming fire damage
Boltdrake talisman> 17/21/25% reduce incoming lightning damage
Haligdrake talisman> 17/21/25% reduce incoming holy damage
Pearldrake talisman> 13/15/17% reduce incoming elemental damage
Immunizing horn charm> 150/250 poison and rot resist
Stalwart horn charm> 150/250 bleed and frost resist
Clarifying horn charm> 150/250 sleep and madness resist
Mottled necklace> 100/170 poison, rot, bleed, frost, sleep and madness resist
Prince death's pustule> 150 death resist
Prince death's cyst> 250 death resist
Dagger talisman> 25% increase critical damage
Curved sword talisman> 25% increase guard counter damage
Twin blade talisman> 25% increase damage of final hit
Axe talisman> 15% increase charge attack damage
Hammer talisman> 50% increase stamina damage against blocking enemies
Spear talisman> 25% counter attack damage increase
lance talisman> 25% more damage on horseback
Claw talisman> 20% increase jump attack damage
Greatshield talisman> Enhanced guard boost by 17%
Arrow string talisman> 20% increase arrow/bolt damage
Arrow reach talisman> 100% increase in arrow reach
Graven-school talisman> 10% boost sorceries
Graven mass talisman> 15% boost sorceries
Faithful's canvas talisman> 10% boost incantation
Flock's canvas talisman> 15% boost incantation
Primal glintstone blade> 33% decrease spell fp cost reduce hp by 15%
Old lord's talisman> 50% extend spell duration
Radagon's icon> give 50 fake dexterity
Roar medallion> 20% increase power of roar and breath attacks
Companion jar> 30% increase throwing pot potency
Perfumer's> 30% increase perfume potency
Carian filigreed crest> 33% decrease skill fp cost
Warrior jar shard> 15% increase skill damage
Shard of Alexander> 20% increase skill damage
Godfrey icon> Increase damage of charge spell and skill by 20%
Bull goat's talisman> -50% poise damage taken
Blue dancer's charge> increase attack up to 30% with lower equip load
Magic scorpion charm> 15% magic damage increase, 6% more damage taken
Fire scorpion charm> 15% fire damage increase, 6% more damage taken
Lightning scorpion charm> 15% lightning damage increase, 6% more damage taken
Sacred scorpion charm> 15% holy damage increase, 6% more damage taken
Crucible feather talisman> increase i-frames for 20% more damage taken
Red feathered branchsword> attack increase by 20% below 40% hp
blue feathered branchsword> reduces incoming damage by 50% below 40% hp
Ritual sword talisman> 15% attack increase on full health
Ritual shield talisman> 40% damage reduction on full health
Assassin's crimson dagger> 15%+100hp restored
Assassin's cerulean dagger> 45 fp restored
Winged sword insignia> 10,12.5,15% attack increase each proc last for 3 second
Rotted winged sword insignia> 15,17.5,20% attack increase each proc last for 3 second
Millicent's prosthesis> 10,12.5,15% attack increase each proc last for 3 second, 5 dex increase
Godskin swaddling cloth> 5%+50 heath restored
Kindred of rot's exultation> attack increase by 20% for 90s when rot or poison happens in vicinity
Lord of blood's exultation> attack increase by 20% for 30s when bleed happens in vicinity
Taker's cameo> 10%+100 hp recovered on defeated enemy
Ancestral spirit horn> restore 15 fp on defeating enemy
Golden scarab> increase rune acquisition by 30%
silver scarab> 800 item discovery

3) Flask of wondrous physick re-balance:-
Crimsonspill crystal tear> boost max hp by 25%
Crimsonburst crystal tear> 0.333%+5 hp recovery per sec
Green spill crystal tear> boost max stamina by 30%
Opline hard tear> boost all elemental damage negation by 35%
Speckled hard tear> boost all resistances by 250
Leaden hard tear> 30s duration/ stagger resistance is just like ironjar aromatic
Stonebarb cracked tear> stance damage increased by 20% for 180s
Thorny cracked tear>19%,22%,25% attack increase each proc last for 3s
Crimsonwhorl bubble tear> Non physical damage converted to 5% hp for 30s

4) Consumables changes:-
Acid spray mist> reduces enemy attack by 20% for 90s
Ironjar aromatic> 60s duration
blood boil aromatic> 30% attack/20% stamina increased/all damage negation -15% for 60s
Uplifting aromatic> Damage increase 15% reduces incoming damage once for 60s
Dappled cured meat> 120s 170 to all
Immunizing cured meat> 120s 170 immunity
Invigorating cured meat> 120s 170 robustness
Clarifying cured meat> 120s 170 focus
Dappled white cured meat> 180s 120 to all
Immunizing white cured meat> 180s 120 immunity
Invigorating white cured meat> 180s 120 robustness
Clarifying white cured meat> 180s 120 focus
fireproof dried liver> 120s 20%
Spellproof dried liver> 120s 20%
Lightningproof dried liver> 120s 20%
Holyproof dried liver> 120s 20%
Prawn> 90s 17%
Crab> 90s 20%
Silver pickled fowl foot> 700 discovery 3 minutes
Exalted flesh> 90s 20%
Pickled turtle neck> 10 stamina for 90s
Baldachin's blessing> 35% damage negation / poise +80% immunity to very light staggers lasts 20s
Radiant Baldachin's blessing> 35% damage negation / poise +150% immunity to very light staggers lasts 60s/ cost 70 fp is infinitely reusable
Starlight shard> 10fp/s for 60sec
Elemental Grease> 100 flat damage 90s duration
Elemental grease string> 150 flat damage 20s duration
Status grease (frost, poison and rot)> 75 flat status 90s duration
Status grease string (frost, poison and rot)> 110 flat status 20s duration
Status grease (bleed and sleep)> 50 flat status 90s duration
Status grease string (bleed and sleep)> 75 flat status 20s duration
Dragon wound grease> damage against dragons and ancient dragons +30% 90s duration
shield grease> 13% guard boost for 90s

5) Incantations changes:-
Lord's divine fortification, barrier of gold, flame protect me, golden lightning fortification, protection of the erdtree, black flame protection> 75s
Bestial vitality> 8hp/s for 90s
Blessing's boon> 12hp/s for 90s
Blessing of the erdtree> 16hp/s 90s
Black flame blade> 15s
Dragonbolt blessing> 250 all ailment resistance/hardens body equal to ironjar aromatic/ increased lightning damage taken for 75s
Flame grant me strength> 60s
Golden vow> 90s
Greyoll's roar> Reduces enemy attack by 20% and defense by 10% for 90s
Howl of shabriri> 25% damage increase/-15% damage negation for 60s
Vyke's dragonbolt blessing> equip load increase 6x/lighting damage added/increased lightning damage taken for 75s
Immutable shield> 60s

6) Sorceries changes:-
Terra magica> Magic damage boosting buff lasts for 5s after leaving the ring

7) Smithing changes:-
1/2/3 cost instead of 2/4/6

9) Ashes of war changes:-
Barricade shield> 10s duration

Crag blade> 12.5% physical damage increase 30% posture damage increase for 15s

Flaming strike, lightning slash, freezing mist, poisonous mist, sacred blade> 30s

Rallying standard> 45s

Endure> 5s

10) Merchants:-
* Merchant Kale sells infinite lands between rune, numen rune and lord's rune (replaced with throwing knifes, arrows and bolts)
* Imprisoned merchant of Mohgwyn dynasty Mausoleum sells infinite ancient dragon smithing stones(50K rune) and somber ancient dragon smithing stones(65k runes) replaced with rune arc and stanching boluses.
* Twin maidens sell infinite rune arcs (25K runes)
* Pidia the carian servant sells infinite larval tears (75K runes)

Installation instructions:-
Be sure to make backup of save files and regulation.bin file before installing the mod. Also disable EAC to make the mod work. Play offline.

There are two ways to install it

a) Just copy and replace regulation.bin inside .../ELDEN RING/Game/ directory

b) Using mod engine 2 (disabling EAC not required in this case):-
Download and place mod engine 2 anywhere.
Create mod folder inside the mod engine 2 directory and place regulation.bin there.
Make sure Steam is open and run launchmod_eldenring.bat

Following CSVs are modified:-
EquipParamProtector (fp regen optional file)

Yapped rune bear creator vawser
Better poise creator coldpaintedash