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(Updated for Elden Ring 1.07) Become a firebender. Full moveset, including new blue lightning ash of war. Now includes optional blue flame download.

Permissions and credits
2.002 Update
  • Updated mod to be compatible with Elden Ring 1.07

2.001 Update
  • Updated mod to be compatible with Elden Ring 1.06
  • Raised damage on fire attacks by adding strength scaling

2.0 Update

  • Added optional download to change the fire to Azula's iconic blue flame. The fire and explosions after the fire hits a surface, are still red - this is how it worked in the show. 
  • Added capability to use in left hand
  • Added capability to dual-wield (both two-handing and dual-wielding work now)
  • Added fire explosion during backstabs and ripostes
  • Added a couple missing sounds in the animations


This was a fun one! A tribute to my favorite childhood show. I hope you enjoy. 

New Moveset: Firebending
1-Handed: Range focused
2- Handed: Melee focused

Full moveset!
Light Attacks
Heavy Attacks 
Rolling, Sprinting, Jumping Attacks
Horseback Attacks!

New Ash of War: Lightning Generation
Press L2 to summon lightning, using your body as a conduit. 
Press L2 again to expel the lightning, unleashing 3 lightning projectiles that explode on contact. 

Firebending has replaced the Katar.

This mod is a part of Clever's Moveset Modpack.

To Install
  • Download Mod Engine 2 here: https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases
  • Click Assets, then download the top .zip file.
  • Extract the contents of the .zip onto your PC. 

  • Download the mod and extract the contents of the zip file into the "mod" folder in the same directory as the "modengine2_launcher.exe".
  • Click launchmod_eldenring.bat to launch the game.



c0000.anibnd.dcx merging(Optional)
  • Check out the tutorial in the Articles section.

TAEs Changed
  • a42 - Fist Moveset
  • a220 - Katar/Veteran's Prothesis Moveset
  • a664 - Thunderbolt Ash of War
Modpack Version - TAEs Added:
  • a739

FXR files changed for blue flames:
  • 450461 - melee flames
  • 524002 - small fireball
  • 524027 - big fireball
  • 524112 - melee explosion