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A high contrast monochrome preset with deep, vibrant reds and a hint of gold. Inspired by Sin City and Berserk.

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A little something I made while messing around with ReShade for the first time.
Shouldn't impact performance that much with some nice visual flair.


Download the latest version of ReShade from here.

Find the Elden Ring executable. It should be detected automatically,
otherwise Browse to the folder where it's located.

Choose DirectX 10/11/12 for the API.
Core file and SweetFX are needed, the rest are optional.

Extract my files and copy it into ../ELDEN RING/Game
where the executable from earlier is.

Start the game and hit the Home key to load the Eclipse preset.
Feel free to tweak it, if you'd like.

I recommend setting a key to toggle Eclipse on/off
in the ReShade menu. Enjoy! 


Eclipse is (surprise) dark. Make sure to get a torch or lantern for caves.
Or eat lots of carrots.

Originally, I wanted to have ink-style outlines, but that either made the UI
unreadable or the effect was barely noticeable, so no bueno.

Due to Elden Ring's UI layout constantly changing with levels and the like,
there isn't a way to avoid recolouring stamina bars, etc. with a UI mask.

I may update this over time and offer some variants.
Let me know if you run into any issues and I'll see what I can do.

ReShade can be uninstalled for each game via the same method. Modifying it will also allow other shaders to be downloaded, if needed.

Want to make your own? There's plenty of resources online to help you get started.
Special thanks to the ReShade team for making this all possible.