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If we assume that default difficulty is hard mode, this is normal mode. Currently offers 50%/25% damage reduction.

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Aim of this mod is to create normal mode, if Elden Ring had difficulty slider. In current version player will receive 50%/25% less damage. Nothing more, nothing less. Percentage might change in newer versions because I will try to balance it.

Warning: it can make some enemies in starting areas trivial, because they were never hard to begin with, but the deeper you go into the game, the harder enemies hit.

  1. Backup your regulation.bin file in main game folder
  2. Replace old one with new one
  3. Optional - backup your save file for safety
Remember to disable EAC and use offline mode.
I do not take responsibility for incorrect usage of this mod.

Currently modified parameters:
ClearCountCorrectParam -> 0
Damage: Physical, Slash, Strike, Thrust, Standard, Magic, Fire, Lightning, Holy - set to 0.5
Stamina damage unchanged - Rune Bear refused to save changes here.
I mean damage, not defence, these are values for enemies.

Some users claim that it doesn't work for NG+, I suspect why, but I'm unsure what values should be changed to get the same effect for NG+.

Special thanks to creator of easy mode for elden ring for posting tutorial how to edit game parameters.