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Adds various "survival" mechanics to Elden Ring, including hunger, thirst, temperature, disease, a weapon crafting tree, and darker nights.

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- Updated event files for options folders other than all-enabled (oops).

- Darkness now works with Elden Ring patch 1.08.1 (and ONLY this patch).
- In-game time will not reset to morning upon death.

- Darkness now works with Elden Ring patch 1.05

- Torches now increase visibility at night with Darkness enabled
- Passing time is restored, but will increase hunger and thirst
- Shield Handle material added to new shield recipes (oops!)
- Temperature warnings are less frequent and more accurate with partial protection
- Max stamina loss from cold reduced
- Added new boss material drops and removed some weapon drops accidentally left in
- Scarlet Parasite effect reduced (as it appears to ignore Sacred Tear upgrades)

- Fixed an issue where the final Smith's Hammer could not be crafted.
- Added recipes to craft Metal Shards and Soft Wood from rarer components.
- Significantly increased drop rates for new materials including Metal Plate (especially Fire Prelates).
- Added new farmable drops for Formic Rock (ants), Sacramental Buds (sanguine nobles), and Arteria Leaf (singing bats).

- Fixed an issue where weapon upgrade recipes would disappear after resting
- Hopefully fixed an issue where high-level weapon upgrade recipes are randomly unlocked
- Fixed an issue where Smithing Stone 'farm' pickups in tunnels were replaced with Stone Fragments


- The Chapel of Anticipation (starting area) does not currently count as "outdoors" and will never have darkness. This will be fixed in the next update.

- There is currently an accidental "dead end" in the weapon upgrade tree: the Jawbone Axe. Do not upgrade the Highland Axe (+8) to the Jawbone Axe (+10) unless you are happy finishing your upgrades at that level! This will be addressed in a larger future update.

- Weapons cannot be upgraded while they have any infusion type from an Ash of War. You will need to remove this infusion for the next recipe(s) to appear in your upgrade menu. I'll try to fix this in a future update.

- When crafting weapons, the crafting menu will not update itself until you quit and go back in. This may make it seem like you can craft a weapon upgrade multiple times, but this will only waste your ingredients! This will probably never be fixed, so I recommend just getting used to refreshing the crafting menu
after upgrading a weapon.

- Scarlet Parasite's effect appears to also negate all Sacred Tear upgrades, but I haven't figured out why just yet. Whoops?


This is an overhaul mod for Elden Ring that introduces four different sets of mechanics:

- Survival: craft items to fight hunger, thirst, and temperature effects. Torrent is also nerfed.
- Weapon Tree: weapons cannot be found or bought and must be crafted from new materials and other "base" weapons.
- Diseases: you may randomly catch various diseases in different areas and must hunt for craftable cure recipes.
- Darkness: night time is much darker.

Each feature is optional. Follow the README instructions to determine which folders to install. In short, install Game (SHARED), then go into Game (OPTIONS) and choose ENABLED or DISABLED for each feature until you get to the extra files to install. Darkness is supported by all OPTIONS subfolders, but you must also run SurvivalModeDarkness.exe while playing the game if you want it. If you don't want it, just don't run this executable.

You can use Mod Engine 2 or UXM for Elden Ring to play the mod. Make sure you have EasyAnticheat disabled! Mod Engine 2 does this automatically and makes it easier to "uninstall" the mod.

This mod has a lot of knobs to balance and an element of random generation (on my end) necessary to avoid a ton of manual labor. I'll make updates as necessary to improve things a bit, but will likely not spend too much time trying to get it perfect. I'll also put the full code on GitHub soon so others can contribute if they want!


Thank you for playing!

This mod was created as part of my annual tradition of making an off-the-wall mod for LobosJr's St Jude charity drive in May.

If you like my mods, and want to support my ongoing activities (including Dark Souls: Nightfall), you can become a supporter on Patreon!

Any support is greatly appreciated <3

Special thanks to:
- JZ (@JanZielasko) for helping with the darkness effects
- Thens (@Thens_DeS) for weapon recipes and new icons
- George (@king_bore_haha) for weapon recipes and new item text
- thefifthmatt for testing, feedback, and Elden Ring know-how assistance.

I used my own software Soulstruct, which currently has limited support for Elden Ring EMEVD files when installed with Python. You can find tutorials for Soulstruct (with Dark Souls) on my YouTube channel.
Other legends creating FromSoft modding tools used by this mod:
- Nordgaren (ErdTools)
- TKGP (SoulsFormats, PropertyHook, Yapped)
- vawser (Yapped for Elden Ring)
- katalash (Mod Engine 2)
- HotPocketRemix (EMEVD tools)
- thefifthmatt (EMEVD/ESD tools)