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This mod let you use armours and weapons from Nier Automata and a bit more.

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这是一个为我的2b MOD而制作的增加MOD (https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/mods/632),个中包含7款武器,1套盔甲和换色的灵马。


盔甲使用了寄叶重装甲来替换了山羊套,共有8种颜色可选。每个部位为独立的文件,以便混色搭配。不同的颜色可在相应的文件夹内找到。注意,山羊套的头盔实为腿甲,并且必须安装 fc_f_0000.partsbnd.dcx 文件才能正常显示。这个MOD要用女号。


WP_A_0409: 山贼弯刀 <- 寄叶制式钢刀
WP_A_0551: 长牙 <- 黑之血盟
WP_A_0556: 名刀月隐 <- 黑之誓约
WP_A_0612: 巨剑 <- 四〇式斩机刀
WP_A_0918: 蒙格温圣矛 <- 四〇式战术枪
WP_A_1327: 死王子杖 <- 光环能量剑
WP_A_2098: 小圆盾 <- 黑之叹息



This is an enhancement MOD for my 2B MOD (https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/mods/632). It includes 7 weapons, 1 set of armour and a glossy black Torrent.

Do Not redistribute.
MOD Author: 兵器君 (shintheweapon)
Version: 1.0

The Bull-Goat set is replaced by YoRHa heavy armour. There are 8 versions of colours to choose. Helm (shown as Greaves in-game), Body and Gauntlets are separate files so that you can mix different colours. You can find the colours according to the folder names. You need to install  fc_f_0000.partsbnd.dcx to show the armours correctly and you need to use Body Type 2.

There are 7 weapons included, details are below.

WP_A_0409: Bandit's Curved Sword <- yoRHa-issue Blade
WP_A_0551: Nagakiba <- Cruel Blood Oath
WP_A_0556: Moonveil <- Cruel Oath
WP_A_0612: Greatsword <- Type 40 Blade
WP_A_0918: Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear <- Type 40 Lance
WP_A_1327: Prince of Death's Staff <- Halo Energy Sword
WP_A_2098: Buckler <- Cruel Lament

Torrent is now in glossy black and has illuminated horns and more.