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Vintage analogue camera "ultra-realism", or as near as I can get it (minus film grain. I just don't think the shaders are accurate enough yet to pull off what I want). Originally "Vintage Cinema Reshade", but now rebuilt from the ground up, and renamed directly after the inspiration for it.

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More layers of degraded color, and a NEW shader of full screen occlusion effect that emulates shadow and light in old cameras pretty well. Also more accurate trace and flair effects to cameras from around that era

This is absolutely realism from the vintage camera perspective

Obviously inspired by slightly degraded film copies of Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and what else he may have theoretically had in mind given more opportunities to do another dark fantasy film.

Instructions: drop this in the same folder as the game executable. Then install reshade, and at the end of the install you will have the option to choose this preset.