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About this mod

-Enemy Physics and Enemy AI Changed
-New Armor Set Effects on Each Piece
-New Talisman Effects
-New Weapon Effects
-New Enemy Status Debuffs
-Altering Armor gives different Effects
-Spell, Item, and Weapon Art Buffs stack
-Changeable Weapon Arts on each weapon
-New Item placements

Permissions and credits
Use this link to donate is you like the mod:  PayPal.Me/vanbuinen


The Elden Ring of Elden Ring Mods

(Warning: This Mod is Extremely Hard!)
(If you don't like Hard or Unfair Fights don't play this Mod)

(May cause more PC usage then normal, so reduce Graphics if needed)

Only the top 5% of Players complete Ascended Mod,
Are you that top 5%?

Does not work with seamless coop

Age of Death Mode-Good luck 
(Soul draining)

-Enemies deal 50% more status buildup
-Enemy count is increased while new bosses are added to boss fights
-The time of day is now always night which makes night spawns and elites always appear in the world
-Enemies are faster

-Players now lose runes at a continuous rate

Install Video Guide


1. Turn on Offline Mode

2. Download Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher:

3. Follow the directions to install the Anti-cheat toggler

4. Make a Character Save file in game.

5. Put the ModEngine contents from the ModEngine folder into your game directory

6. Put the Regulation file into your game directory

7. Double-click "launchmod_eldenring.bat"

8. Play Mod

Note: Set game to english

If a fromsoft patch update is released, follow these steps

1. Update to fromsoft patch or if you have, verify the integrity of the game files in Steam

2. Run the normal game Elden Ring, without mods (this is important), create a new character in a different slot, not the one where your character Ascended.

3. Quit the game, download the latest Ascended update and install in your Elden Ring folder.

4. Run the mod and load your character. Play.

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