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AfterFall mod bringin gameplay overhaul for enhance the experience and balance of the game.

Permissions and credits
After the stop of the development, Afterfall is aimed at maintain a better experience and smoth gameplay as far as it will allow.

Changes with respect to the original game

  • -The chance of spawning items now increases or decreases according to the difficulty, changing place and position at each game restart.
  • -Changed weapons recoil, spread and reload times, each with different measures.
  • -The Vendetta now uses its own fire sound, it no longer uses the Berg930 fire sound.
  • -Added Unussed color variations for Drones.
  • -Added an additional death animation for the heavy Drone headshot.
  • -Corrected waiting time of drones when climbing plateau
  • -The speed at which the drones move has been adjusted, the heavy drones now move faster.
  • -Partially corrected the stand up animation.
  • -Sapper Gas:  reduced damage output and increased the time cadence for each hit
  • -The HP of the drones has been adjusted according to the difficulty to make them a little easier to kill, but they produce the same damage by default.(This change does not affect special aliens.)
  • -Beast HP reduced for overwhelming difficulty.
  • -Removed the low hit reactions of light drones that caused them to stop the player's pursuit.
  • -Slightly increased horizontal range for shove drones
  • -Increased the pulse radius for the bait grenade and slightly reduced the detonation time.
  • -Sapper is now more vulnerable to fire except for its fire variant.
  • -Drones now get more dps from fire damage
  • -Removed the inconsistent increase of fire rate when using a stimshot, but maintained the increased reload speed.
  • R&D, Into the Breach and Revelation can be played correctly without the assistance of teleporting the
    Companion to the player and enemies will jump and evade obstacles
  • Only the barricades improved with the propane tank can no longer be destroyed accidentally by bot, the player or even grenades, only the
    enemies will be able to bring it down.
  • Added specific animations for the drones with respect to the damage received by the shotguns.


Unzip the file AfterFallMod_p.pak in  "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Earthfall\Earthfall\Content\Paks"


-Adjust the difficulty in both game modes, campaign and horde mode keeping the challenge of surviving each game.
-Adjust the weapons with stats and certain unique properties such as recoil and spread, if necessary the DPS can be modified.
-Adjust the  companion and enemy AI for a better performance along the maps, remember that the companions are far from simulating another player in the game since their main task is to ACCOMPANY and assist the player at all times avoiding getting behind or stuck in certain geometry of the map.
-Adjust the necessary animations to avoid a disproportion in game.
-Adjust some property (if necessary) of the player in the world, be it speed, friction, falling speed, etc.
-Fix any general bugs that may be encountered. For the moment if there is a bug that only occurs on a specific map, not much can be done.

Known issues
>Opening the mixer tab may cause the game crash.

¡Feedback is required!

To continue improving details and bugs that can be found, you can report it whenever you want, depending on the suggestion we can evaluate a solution.