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Ever wanted to soar the skies as a Tadpole? Level a city as Erginus or be a frog for a day? Well do i have the mod for you!

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This mod allows the user to play as Monsters, Complete with said monster's Attacks and Weaponry (If applicable)

The 4 Classes (Ranger, Wing Diver, Air Raider and Fencer) are replaced with 8 different Monsters, Selectable via the Outfit menu.
It relies on an old Debugging tool that Sandlot has used since the PS2 Games where they will configure Monsters to be completely playable using a Controller for the purpose of testing animations, This feature has never been removed, And is present in all mainline EDF Games, My mod simply replaces the class SGO's with those of Enemies.

A USB/Bluetooth Controller is required to use the Mod, As Monsters are not setup for Keyboard controls.

More details on the mod and the specifics of each class are detailed in the readme included in the Install's ZIP.

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Disclaimer: I did NOT discover this Debug feature, That credit goes to the extremely talented modding folks on the Community Discord Server, I merely edited the feature to fit my liking.