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Makes enemies drop 25, 50, 100, x2, x5, or x10 items.

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1) Download and install EDFModLoader from along with (Only Patcher.dll is required)

2) Download this mod and open up the folder that you want

3) Extract the Mods folder into your EDF5 folder

4) To get the full use out of this mod I recommend using the ChangePickupLimits plugin, I've put the one I use in all versions of this mod, but you can edit it easily to your wishes.

5) ?????


If you don't want to run around collecting everything manually, I recommend using Lootmaster (

Enemies with a 0 in droprate have not been changed.

25All drops set to 25
50All drops set to 50
100               All drops set to 100

x2                 All drops multiplied by 2
x5                 All drops multiplied by 5
x10               All drops multiplied by 10
(x10 means the last boss drops 1000 items)

May cause lag and might crash the game, recommended to lower graphics settings and/or not kill too many enemies at a time when using the 100 one.

Fixes have been implemented to decrease the risk of crashes, but 100 (and x100 on the last boss) will still cause lag at the moment the monster dies.