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This is a modified version of original first person camera mod

Permissions and credits
For EDF 5 only, requires BlueAmulet's EDF Mod Loader to be installed in order to work

Modified version of First Person Mod, FOV cannot exceed above x1.25 since the camera is in a fixed position

  • Slight tweak in camera position, moved closer near to the player

Comes with FOV plugin mod (Limited only to x1.25 FOV), requires to be manually moved outside the '[Extra]' folder in order to work
It is optional for use since it could cause a glitch that makes floor invisible when your character is near at the edge of the map

x1.25 FOV is for aesthetic purposes, to give off a "realistic view-scale" feel to the game, but at the cost of having occasional invisible floors, so beware

Let me know if you encounter bugs related to the mod, like t-posing character model, or crashing after loading a stage

  • This is mod is untested in online multiplayer, so there's no guarantee it'll work or not (assume it'll only work in singleplayer)

  •  xdiesp/@giantpanda#2447 - for the provided source code of the original mod
  • BlueAmulet - for Changeable FoV plugin optionally included in this mod
  • awfjpyadyj - for Weapon Slot optionally included in this mod

  • I completely forgot to add ReadMe in the mod file, and I apologize about it 🙇
  • I also merged the two FOV versions and you can select your preferred mod there
  • I added another version that has compatibility with Weapon Slot mod, using it requires you to make a new save dedicated for that mod, it won't work on old saves, make sure to create backup of your old save if you plan to keep it for future use