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About this mod

A mod that changes and adjusts the game balance of the steam version of EDF5.
The main contents are changes in weapon performance, addition of new weapons, and changes in mission content.

Permissions and credits
Hundreds of weapon performance changes, dozens of new weapons added, and about 100 mission content changes.
In addition, new missions will be added as options, and even higher difficulty levels beyond INF will be added.

The goal is to improve the game balance of EDF5.
Due to technical issues, game system changes are minor, but weapon and mission changes are very diverse.
So-called strong weapons have been changed to those with weaknesses, while weak weapons have added strengths.
Boring missions have been transformed into exciting ones.
The additional missions mainly follow the famous missions of EDF 4.1. Please have a difficulty level that exceeds DLC2.

・Things necessary
EDF5 latest version (First public release of mod)

・ Installation method
1. Check the integrity of the game file on steam.
2. Put the unzipped Mods directory in the same folder as EDF5.exe.
3. Start exe patch, specify the folder containing EDF5.exe, and change the contents of EDF5.exe.
that's all

・ How to uninstall
1. Check the integrity of the game file on steam.
2. Delete the Mods directory.
that's all
The save data used in the mod cannot be used in vanilla because the position of the save data file will shift due to the addition of new weapons.
Also, vanilla save data can be used in mods, but the state of possessed weapons will change.

・ Update method
1. Delete the old version of the Mods file.
2. Put the new version of Mods in the same folder as EDF5.exe.
that's all
Since the position of the save data file also shifts, it may not work properly.

・ Option
Some options are included in the content.
Please refer to each readme for how to use it.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by this mod. Please use at your own risk.
* Please do not play online mode when MOD is installed. *
Online play is possible between people who have introduced the mod, but we have not confirmed the operation.
DLC has only been tested if it is already installed. We strongly recommend the introduction of DLC1 and DLC2 mission packs. It is unknown what will happen if it is not installed.
There may be a bug. We recommend that you keep a backup of your save data.
Only Japanese is supported. Display in other languages is not guaranteed to be accurate. However, only a part of English is translated.

・Change point
It is described in CP.txt.