Dynasty Warriors 8: Extreme Legends

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This allows you to use the Japanese voices in the PC version of the Dynasty Warriors 8

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Koei have now released the official Japanese Voices DLC. I recommend using that from now on.

WARNING: Some people have claimed this mod is broken as of patch 1.02. Others say the mod still works after this patch. Please make sure you back up everything before using this mod.

This mod allows you to use the original Japanese voices in the game. This mod was originally created by Lavos over at the followinjg link:

With his permission, I am posting the mod here. All credit goes to him.

This mod will only be updated if he updates it himself.

Here is his written mod info:

Alright, finally finished. Here's the full JP voice patch for DW8!


1. Extract all the files.

2. Copy LINKDATA.IDX, LINKDATA2.BIN and LINKDATA3.BIN from your DW8 folder into the patch folder you just extracted.

3. Run install.exe, you should see it appending files. This will take a while to finish, so let it run.

4. Copy the files from the RES folder of the patch into your game's RES folder. Backup your original E*.bin files first.

5. When step 3 is done, copy LINKDATA.IDX, LINKDATA2.BIN and LINKDATA3.BIN back into your game's folder. If it patched properly, patched LINKDATA sizes should be 4,736,540Kb and 414,201Kb (as shown by Windows). Again, backup your original LINKDATA files first before you copy the new ones over.

6. Play!

If you get errors running install.exe, or if it just flashes open and closes etc, then try running it from a CMD to see what the error is. To do that, just hold left shift and right-click in the patch folder (as if you wanted to make a new file), and you should have a "Open Command window here" option. Use that, and then just type in install.exe. You should be able to read the error without it closing that way.

As a side note: Make sure you keep the original LINKDATA.IDX at least. When you want the original English voices back, just rename your patched LINKDATA.IDX to something else, and put your original LINKDATA.IDX back, and you'll have all your English voices back again, no problems.