Dying Light: Bad Blood
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This mod makes Dying Light Bad Blood harder and more fun. Download it now PLEEEASE! ;D

Permissions and credits
Replace the moded file with DataEn.pak from DW folder(Do not replace it with any other Data...pak).

This mod brings a lot of changes to the gameplay.


-Almost all weapons don't require energy(scythe and baseball bat will require energy);
-Leg kick and Dropkick don't require energy(dropkick will require energy if energy bar is at half);
-Infinite weapon picking and other things like Medkits, etc;
-Better Takedown animation from game scripts(NOT BY MEEE!!!!!!).


-Starter climbing skills(the slowest climbing);
-The right upper map is not worth anymore(I broke it so it will confuse you :))). The helicopter point is not broken)
-Must pay attention to planets if you want find Airdrops;
-You must search around the map to find the Hives;
-You only can have level 1 in matches.