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Adds more inventory and player stash slots

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*WARNING: this can break saves upon removing it as you'll lose inventory space and will cause it to crash. There is a few fixes like putting all items into stash and then removing it (which has worked for me) but some people have said it doesn't work for them which could be from having to many items in the stash.

This mod doubles inventory space and adds 10x more storage bag space.

Inventory weapon quick slots (24 to 48)
Inventory consumable slots (16 to 32)
Inventory equipment slots (16 to 32)
Inventory ammo slots (12 to 24)

Player stash equipment slots (25 to 250)
Player stash consumables slots (25 to 250)
Player stash weapon and other slots (50 to 500)

If anyone would like a different set amount of slots just post a comment asking for the set amount and what type of slot (or all slots) and I'll upload that extra file when I can.

Installation instructions
1. Download the zipped file
2. Unzip the zipped file
3. Move the data2.pak to Dying Light 2/ph/source
4. Have more inventory space