Dying Light 2
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inreases max loot on containers & zombies.

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regular zombies & loot container have a chance to drop more items.
Usually only one item each time, now they can hold up to three items. 

Just increased the "max odds" they can still only drop one item.

backpack zombies aswell buffed, can hold up to 8 items.

this will not work on containers which already have already items in it, like crates.
but works well on beehives or trashcans etc.

(working on additional changes)

!!!Feedback needed!!!

Please post feedback on the mod page.

The installation is very easy...

1. Extract the .rar file.
2. Copy the content to the root folder -> i.e. \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\source
3. If used with different mods, not guaranteed, it will work. However, you can always change the file name as follows -> data.x.pak
(x means one number up, if you already have a data3.pak in your source folder, adjust this mod (More Loot) i.e to -> data4.pak or data5.pak (upwards).