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Provides slight buffs to Aiden's parkour, healing, and survivor sense prowess. Unlike other mods which may over-boost certain abilities, you'll be able to jump higher, run faster, and heal better, by a satisfying amount. This mod is targeted to those who have maxed out their character and want a further moderate increase to Aiden's fitness.

Permissions and credits

Have YOU finished upgraded all of Aiden's skills? Have YOU bottomed out on fun and maxed out on boredom? This mod is for you!


  • Vertical wall run is faster and achieves an extra meter
  • Horizontal wall run lasts 3 seconds instead of 1
  • Run slightly faster
  • Underpowered skill: Dash adds a noticeable amount of speed and acceleration
  • Swim slightly faster
  • Jump slightly higher on full hold of spacebar
  • Perform drop takedowns from higher up and with a larger search radius
  • Perform drop takedowns from a smaller minimum height
  • New skill: Unlocks ability to perform higher-damage drop takedowns with a knife by pressing R
  • Easier to perform falling kick attacks
  • Far jumps now shoot you faster, further, and higher
  • Underpowered skill: Double jump height increased by a large amount
  • Enemy jump skill will shoot you moderately higher
  • Hold up to 32 weapons
  • Hold more accessories and consumables
  • New skill: Hold Shift while swimming on the surface to do freestyle
  • Stomp from further away
  • Regenerate more stamina when you trigger Afterboost
  • Longer window of time to trigger Afterboost after a parkour action
  • Afterboost adds slightly more speed
  • Easier to initiate Ground Pounds
  • New Skill: Use Tackle on unlocked doors to bash them down like the first game
  • Paraglider steering is more responsive


  • Natural healing will recover 50% of your health
  • Underpowered feature: Sitting by a campfire will regenerate your health considerably faster
  • Max level medicine will fully regenerate all health

Survivor sense:

  • Survivor sense now covers a much wider range instead of just a few meters in front of you
  • Underpowered feature: Sense now picks up enemies and valuables under and above you
  • Sense lasts longer by default so you don't need to spam the key

Grappling hook:

  • Grapple enemies from further away
  • More velocity gained from a grapple object pull
  • Underpowered Skill: Perform many more sequenced wall runs without falling (10)
  • Grapple objects from further away
  • More height gained on an enemy grapple pull
  • Paraglider velocity is greater after a grapple hook pull
  • Underpowered feature: Grapple hook pull strength no longer deprecates over time, allowing you to scale buildings
  • More velocity in grapple hook swings
  • Less hook auto-targeting

Features added by request:

  • This mod will now restore all grapple buffs, meaning you should be able to hook to all geometry
  • Optional version without any speed boosts and less jump boosts
  • Optional version where it just adds the knife drop takedown
  • Optional version where there is no grapple buff

Note: this mod doesn't increase melee damage, it's more aimed at traversal and survival.

Install by dropping data3.pak into Dying Light 2/ph/source.