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DL2 clothing mod that replaces Aiden visually, making him look like other people living in Villedor, and giving players the ability to roleplay as others, who are just trying to survive. A PK, a Renegade, a Survivor or something else.

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So, the clothing options in DL2 really aren't the best. A lot of joggers and some way too drippy clothes for the apocalypse, and no option to change the player skin to look like other people, such as in DL1. This mod tries to replace the player mesh, allowing players to act like they're somebody else. A survivor, a PK, a Renegade, or something entirely else, which could even be zombie outfits. And from there you could download the Fury mode mod (volatile mode) and get some zombie roleplay going. If u want to, atleast.

Sadly it's well known that weapons and other items clip through the hands and sleeves of these replaced meshes since apparently weapons have higher layer priority than the mesh itself. Fix to this would be to replace the hands and sleeves with something the player can wear, either from equipping it ingame or by adding in player mesh parts from the models/player_test_models in data0.pak. Try it, you'll probably make something cool. Just watch out for the syntax and bracket order that the .model files have, if you mess it up, Aiden will show up as a blue smurf dude high on blue crystals on the main menu. 

Also, when replacing Aiden's look with that of an entire NPC character, remember to delete their head components in the first person file (player_fpp_skeleton.model) or the head of the NPC will clip through Aiden when running around. Also, make sure that the skeleton component has the value player_skeleton.msh
 at the top. 

If you really do want to change the mesh of Aiden and make some custom outfits, matching different parts from other .model files, you'll need 7zip/winrar/something else with the same function, and from there you can open up the .model files, edit them, then drag and drop them directly into a data.pak that has the necessary files and folders set up, which every mod file will have, so just go to town on those.

This mod changes nothing other than Aiden's visual appearance in first person and in third person (inventory, main menu etc)

Installation is the same as always: Straight into ph/source and that's it. 

Try to have some fun, atleast until Techland adds in new outfits. Maybe.