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No more Seconds disguised as Minutes this is the real thing in Real Time

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If everyone has ever played Sims or the like you might have noticed how time is represented in it, is similar to the Dying Light franchise. Seconds are being portrayed as Minutes, and daytime actually lasting 3 minutes and some seconds until Night. I understand why that is from both developer's perspective because of how these games are made, but sometimes going for the more realistic route, or at least an alternate route can breathe fresh air into these genres.

But look no more, the same as how the Sims 3 has a mod to tweak the in-game time to make it more realistic, now you can too with this mod!

I basically edited the Day/Night/Interior times to change how the time progress by seconds to make it actually take 60 seconds in Real World Time to pass a minute. So, you now will be able to get much more done in the Day and Night realistically without just shifting to either abruptly and unrealistically anymore. And if you still want to go to daytime or nighttime, the "rest until" option still works just as fine. It actually makes it more viable now because of this mod. I also made it so it gets dark at 9:00 as well.

Instructions on how to install:

1. Download the mod file, and open it in winrar
2. Go to your \Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\source folder location 
3. Place the data3.pak file there, if you have other data3.pak mod just add it in the pak with winrar
4. Run game and Voila! You now have the Real Time mod installed!

Hope this helps make the game more fun and realistic for anyone interested. I will also be linking a demonstration/tutorial video for extra help.