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Vanilla has only 3 random weather definitions and 7 presets, this mod adds 9 new random definitions, 25 new presets and tweaks weather conditions.

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i N F O
  • 9 new random weather definitions/conditions (Vanilla: 3)
  • 25 new predefinied weather scenarios with preset time and duration (Vanilla: 7)
  • Random weather condition after sleep or map (game!?) reload is 100% longer
  • Prob of changing weather after players death: 100% (was 30% - i did a lot of suicides to test this and somehow theres no effect, maybe also area related)
  • Tweaks to vanilla weather conditions, e.g. higher fog probability for "dusk" and "dawn" :P
  • New random different weather triggers, for example;
    • fog can also happen between 01:00 and 04:50 and many others, for fog, cloudy, rain & storm

In Vanilla:

The 3 random triggers for fog, clear and rain are:

  • Fog has a 25% chance to trigger between 06:00 and 07:05.
  • Clear weather with 50% chance, any time.
  • Rain with a 25% chance between 15:00 and 24:00.

Then there are 7 scenarios how rain/storm is preset in the night. (Upon gamestart and every 24hrs starting 0:00 ingame, the game is choosing one scenario from the pool to execute in 24hrs ingame time)

i N S T A L L
  • Extract the file to your Dying Light 2 install dir
  • If you have a data4.pak already rename to the next highest number, e.g. data5.pak.

  • Its possible that you need to finish a quest first until the effects "take effect" - the system is very weird and sometimes tied to quests and certain areas, i have tried a way around it. Or you can fall to death and respawn, this should have an effect, too.
  • The best to trigger this seems to fall to death and press "F" to respawn.
  • Overall the weather has also been changed to have a lesser probability to be "clear".
  • Weather state could also be saved in your savefile, thats why it "sometimes" needs updating before effects take place, especially for things like "map reload".
  • The rain/storm probability may be too high - initially i did not want to make it so high but 1st, many people want more rain because they barely see any ingame and 2nd, to even trigger rain and storm they both need to be higher than at least 3 other weather conditions which are/were preferred over rain/storm.

  • Have another look at the "scenario system" where the game is choosing one scenario each game start from the pool. (I might have to make them longer so they are kind of "special" in a way scenarios should be.)
  • Maybe tweak the values a little. (Things like this happen when you have a longer playsession when you actually have more days past and see the different weather conditions and how/when/duration.)

Files altered:

Thanks to 00xFADE for the latest input.