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This mod increases the number of zombies spawning in order to properly fill out the streets. (Now has a night-only version!)

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Increases the number of zombies spawning on the streets (indoor spawn rates and roof spawn rates remain the same). Three different density options are available: Medium, High, Max. As well as the option to only increase spawn rates at night.
The max version includes the most zombies you can spawn at once currently, the other two are toned-down versions that are more playable.
See images for examples.

Co-op compatibility:

The ai spawning is determined by the host, so as long as the host has this mod installed anyone playing along will see all the additional zombies.


Installation is simple. Just drop the data3.pak file into the following directory:

<SteamLibrary>\Dying Light 2\ph\source

Make sure there isn't an existing data3 file from any other mods, if there is just change the number to one not used (for example: data8.pak).