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A few changes to make the game more fun and less frustrating without overly cheating.

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Immersive Gameplay Improvements

I made this mod for myself to address aspects of the gameplay I found to be unnecessarily frustrating. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.
Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you like this mod, please endorse.

My intention was to change some things to a modest degree. I wanted to make the game feel less frustrating in some aspects without outright
cheating or "god-modding".

If you use other mods that change things covered here, you can rename the pak files so the other mod can override the changes made here. Just make sure the number in the name of the other pak file is higher than 7.

To install, extract the pak file and drop it in your Dying Light 2 game directory. The location for the pak file should be:
ph > source > data7

Normal vendor prices for loot adjusted -  Sell prices should be higher and some buy prices should be lower.

Lockpicking made moderately easier -  Wider range for the sweet spot and better lockpick durability. Scales with difficulty.

Upgraded UV flashlight lasts longer - No change to the base UV flashlight, but with each upgrade the duration of the light will be longer than vanilla.

Health regeneration improved - Double the vanilla value for max regeneration.

Melee weapon durability -  Increased 5x on Normal difficulty. Improvement scales down on Hard and Nightmare (but still higher than vanilla.)

Changes to Stamina costs:
Melee attacks and parkour stamina costs reduced 20%.
Gliding cost reduced 75%.
Several other stamina costs reduced, varying by difficulty level.

Miscellaneous changes:
Blood splatters remain longer - roughly twice as long as vanilla.

Time scale adjusted.
Days now last 50 minutes in real time. (Vanilla is 40 minutes.)
Nights now last 30 minutes. (Vanilla is 20 minutes.)
Interior days changed from 72 minutes to 65 minutes.

Optional version (Used in place of the main mod file. Do not install both.)
I agree with a common sentiment amongst Dying Light fans that the dropkick is very OP. It instantly kills most enemies and knocks them back more than ten feet. I wanted a little more realism so I nerfed the dropkick. It won't knock enemies back so far and it deals only minor damage. Mind you, the target can still incur additional damage from falls or ragdolling into walls or objects.

I also made a simple adjustment to the grappling hook. Grapple pulling enemies now deals minor damage.