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An overhaul to the parkour and combat changes to be more like e3

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Just place the data3.pak into the dying light source folder should be located "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light
if u have another mod with data3 just change the name to data4, 5 ect

Place the player_anims_pc.rpack into  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\work\data_platform\pc\assets"
make sure to make a backup of your player anims

1.16.3 update
fixed vault kick not working on human enemies (again)
decreased height of c jump monkey bar slightly, should help issues of flying past bars
decreased c jump gravity to compensate for lower height
decreased slide far jump gravity slightly
reduced edge jump gravity and speed slightly
added slo-mo to dodge
turned down blur slightly
changed nitro jump
changed nitro jump loop
increased autostep height
changed regular jump camera animations
increased height to cause the 1 arm landing
decreased passive landing height slightly
increased enemy stagger slightly
increased dodge distance slightly

future plans
make mod for assisted and physical
make gravity more consistent( paraglider drop, edge hang jump)

right hand jump
jump loop
rope jump
e3 vault
push attack
monkey bar kick
winch 2018 slide
shimmy jump
e3 climb up
alternate climb ups

Nightmare update - complete overhaul

right hand e3 jump
alternate jump loop
nitro jump changed to regular jump
nitro jump with a quick jump loop
monkeybar jump loop - matches e3
E3 rope jump
E3 vault
E3 vault on enemies
E3 wallrun jump
alternate hang climb up
E3 climb
E3 enemy jump
E3 push attack (kick)
E3 monkey bar kick
Smoother dropkick
dash vault (attack after vaulting)
2018 slide
2018 look-a-Like double jump

E3 winch
E3 shimmy jump

reduced jump height
reduced gravity
no air control on anything( exceptions are airbags, edge jumps and grapple pull)
nitro jump speed increased and reduced height, to be more like e3
far jump
increased height slightly
reduced max speed
removed stamina consumption
reduced gravity
double jump
removed delay
reduced height

reduced gravity
carries some speed forward instead of straight up
wallrun jumps
increased height
reduced gravity
increased max speed (momentum)
Enemy jump
reduced height
reduced gravity
removed fov changes
increased height
reduced max speed
reduced jump float
monkey bar
2 jump modes
space - e3 like jump, increased height, reduced horizontal distance , reduced gravity
c - reduced height, increased max speed, reduced gravity, more horizontal distance
reduced height
increased gravity slightly
increased max speed
Slide jump
increased stamina consumption
increased gravity
reduced distance and speed
Wallrun kick
increased max speed (makes it snap, kind of like e3)

shimmy jump
increased max speed
removed delay
increased gravity

reduced wallrun time (increased from old version of mod)
increased max speed

increased stamina consumption for
-MonkeyBar jump and drop, and attack
-Rope jump
-paraglider start
reduced stamina delay on climbups (will now consume slightly more stamina)
reduced still hang stamina consumption (when not moving in a hang)
slope struggle stamina consumption (when tapping f increased consumption)
reduced start stamina consumption on nitro sprint
reduced sprint acceleration - build up sprint speed over time
reduced max sprint speed
increased nitro acceleration and speed

stamina changes  were optimized for roughly 350 - 400 stamina, although its still possible to beat the game from start to finish even on nightmare

enemy reduced stagger time after parrying and dodging
reduced parry timing

decreased dodging distance
added dodge stamina consumption
max dodges to 1 in nightmare hard and normal difficulty
max dodges to 2 in easy mode

increased slope speed
increased flashlight flicker
flashlight now flickers and dims on every difficulty

increased time for aiden to sweat
sweat dissipates faster
reduced timing of active landing (to avoid dropping off a rope and active landing with the same input)