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Makes healthbar transparent and removes the white line pointer.

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The HUD elements totally ruin my immersion, but I've noticed that as much as it's possible to play without having anything on the screen, there's no real feedback that lets you know roughly how much health you have left except when you're on critical level.

So I decided to make the health bar transparent so as not to annoy the overall image.

I made two versions, one normal sized and a smaller one half the size, which is the one I use.
The small one is practically invisible during the action, but you can still peek at how much health you have left by staring directly at it.

I hope it comes in handy for some of you here.

NOTE: I had to get rid of the white vertical bar that acted as a pointer because it doesn't react to transparency, it's hard to resize and move in the right spot.
Which is great because it sucked for me anyway.
If anyone brave enough can find a way to restore it let me know and I'll add that version.


Method 1:
  • Rename the file dataN.pak replacing "N" with any number that doesn't overwrite mods you already have installed.
  • Put the file in the Dying Light 2\ph\source folder.

Method 2:
  • Browse (with 7zip/winrar) dataN.pak\gui\hud_pc
  • Copy the file new_health_indicator_pc.gui to any other HUD mod you like or in data0.pak, replacing the same file in the same folder structure


Just edit the new_health_indicator_pc.gui file with a text editor.
Once opened search for the text "Opacity": "0.050000" and change the value according to your taste. 1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, 0.05 = 5%, and so on.