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If you want a bit less grinding for skill levels.

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This mod was made using files from version 1.16.2

Be sure to always backup your saves before using mods

Get more exp from combat and parkour actions and challenges. Night time exp multiplier increased. Legend exp multiplier for all difficulties increased.

Regular exp - 10x
Challenges exp - 10x
Night time multiplier - 10x
Legend exp multiplier - 5x

There is a multiplier in the file for how much exp from quests will be converted to legend exp. The default was 25% and I changed it to 50%.

You also don't lose legend points on death anymore.

Regarding inhibitors. I might've misunderstood a line in the file and multiplied the amount of inhibitors you get. I got 18 from one container. Well since you're here I assume you wanted to lessen the grind and more inhibitors is right up that alley. Anyway I'll make a file without this change.

In case you run into some issues with a new save file I recommend installing this mod after the prologue tutorial sequence OR You can download save files just after the prologue from here or other mod sites.

Place data2.pak in Dying Light 2\ph\source
Rename to data3 and so on if you already have mods installed
Merge pak files if you want and know how

This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies these files

scripts/player - player_variables.scr
scripts/progression - progressionactions.scr

It was a bit hard getting consistent results in my test runs but in less than 5 mins I was able to get 8000 parkour exp during night time and got legend level 2 in 2 mins by just killing biters. I dunno maybe tell me if there are issues or you aren't getting the right amount of exp I'll see what I can do if I have time. Modding this game is more finnicky than the last one.

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