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Regarding My Continuing To Create Mods In Dying Light 2


As of 2019, October:

As my computer is well over 11 years old now, I've barely been able to run Dying Light 1 to make mods for it. With it now being over 5 years of providing the Dying light community with various mods, and my having dedicated thousands of hours developing them these past ~5 years, my mods have currently accumulated over 212,000 total downloads and over 84,000 unique downloads by logged-in Nexus members. In this time, in addition to many words of thanks for my mods, a handful of donations have also been kindly given in appreciation for the mods I've produced. I truly do appreciate both of these expressions of thanks very much.

Unfortunately, and sadly, as Dying Light 2 will require about $300-$400 USD for me to upgrade my computer (gpu, mobo, cpu, ram) to be capable of running it to make mods for it, my situation leaves me with being unable to afford this update to my computer for a very long time - if ever. Additionally, as kind as some donations from individuals have been as thanks for my mods, they've proved to be insufficient to help very much with funding this computer upgrade even when they have been dedicated for going toward it exclusively. Because of this inability to upgrade I will likely be unable to continue modding Dying Light 2 when it releases.

I wish you all a very fun time in Dying Light 2 when it releases and I hope that some other DL1 modders and new modders on the scene for DL2 can produce mods that increase the enjoyment of the game even further for you.

I will continue to work on developing my DL1 mods if I feel that they can be developed further and I will always update them if required due to a game update. However, I will also not be around the Dying Light Nexus nearly as much as I have for these past 5 years straight as other life concerns are quite pressing at the moment.

I wish you all happy and safe adventuring, both in-game and out, and I sincerely thank you for your words of appreciation and support these past 5 years!


- StinVec