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Rebalances the game, adds new features and an intense Panic mode.

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This mod rebalances some parts of the game, adds new features & items and aims to make the game more fun in general.
Comes with two editions, Standard mode and the intense Panic mode.


Fall heights are more akin to Mirror's Edge rather than Spiderman.
Below 5~ meters = safe
Between 5~ to 7~ meters = painful
Between 7~ to 10~ meters = dangerous
Above 10~ meters = deadly
Parkour rolling is enabled from the start and the skills that normally enable them now instead heavily reduce fall damage from bad landings.

Sneaking, swimming and strafing is faster.

Hard increases damage taken and dealt, Nightmare is also no longer a slogfest of sponge-whacking and instead has intense damage dealt & taken for all parties.

TicTac has been replaced with Wallrunning, it functions how you'd expect and you can also press the key opposite of the wall you're running on to initiate a walljump.

Running & Combat stamina is much higher but take longer to regenerate.

Food items heal you over time for considerably more than vanilla, there is also a new food item called Booze to wash down the baklava and burgers with.

Brutal Grapple unlocks a frontal grapple.

Upgraded dropkick unlocks a fast getting up animation.

Takedowns use a slower animation at first and upgrades to the neck snap animation with Ultimate Combatant.

Arrows fly faster, especially from the standard bow.

The grappling hook has a 25s cooldown and a 30% reduced reach.

Audio occlusion has been improved greatly, which means you can for example hear explosions around a corner or virals climbing a building near you.

You can check your wristwatch at any time by pressing Y, can not be done while holding a firearm, while inside a safezone or before the first main mission is finished - hardcoded limitations.

Biters are more aggressive.

Virals spawn more often, and completely replace the random spawning of Suiciders(you may still see Suiciders in handplaced locations).

Toxic zombies no longer spawn under normal conditions, enabling the player to use fire weapons without punishing them for it.

Your flashlight runs out of power over time, but recharges rapidly when turned off.

Running grants a small amount of XP.

Weapons degrade 25% slower and have a 25% chance to not use up a repair point by default, both values can be boosted to 50% via skills.

Broken weapons deal 40% damage instead of 10% damage.

All elemental weapon effects have a higher chance of triggering.

Shields can take much more damage before breaking.

Spare ammo counts have been altered.
Pistol: 90 -> 200
Rifle: 180 -> 240
Shotgun: 72 -> 60
SMG: 240 -> 360

Silenced pistols use regular ammo instead of subsonic so you can actually use them.

Bullets and other projectiles can penetrate enemies more easily.

Legend skills are rebalanced.

Flags & statues grant more XP when picked up.

Loot tables are more diverse, you can find more items in general and most types of firearm ammo from reasonable locations.

Wandering merchants have many kinds of blueprints for sale randomly.

Ragdolls will behave more naturally and most importantly will not weirdly automatically aim their heads towards the ground while falling.

Nightmare no longer bans any items from use.

Dust particles in the air are reduced by 80%, holster your inhaler.

Minor other tweaks here and there.

Includes most of the features from Standard, but also:

All biters are now runners with rebalanced stats. Yes, all of them.

Biters don't deal quite as much damage on Hard and Nightmare as they do normally.

Stamina is moderately increased to compensate for all the running you'll have to do.

Loot tables have a bigger bias towards spawning guns & ammo.

Lockpicking is easier to give you a better chance against the unrelenting horde in your few moments of downtime.

Do note that the in-game descriptions of skills remain vanilla as they are strangely difficult to alter, but they all function as intended.

1. Go to "\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DW"
2. Create a backup of the preexisting Data3.pak
3. Plop the mod's Data3.pak in that folder and overwrite
If you want to revert to vanilla, simply use the backup you created earlier.