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RCW is a mod that makes the games less grindy and run better. This game runs out of stuff to do really fast, that's why I made this mod. Give it a try and tell me what you want. I plan on updating this more in the future. Yes this works with dying Light Versions: ** update** so have fun slashing!

Permissions and credits
RCW grindless Dying light
I have never made a mod for the game but hell why not, so far I can make mods online and offline. I won't be making mods that can play online with people so cheating won't happen. That said you can use my mod then remove my mod and play online with the account you screwed with. I have big plans for this and if anyone have ideas or have other games to mod let me know.


I have made the mod that makes the game less grindy and make the game run better. I make mods like these because it makes it have a new taste, New view to play the game. This game runs out of stuff to do really fast, I plan to make this mod with out a menu and if you want one with it ask and I might make it with it. Note this mod does not let you play online and this will not change. I don't care what you do with it just not going that next step.

Its possible to play with your friend if you have the same mods installed for dying light. But keep in mind that's all on you if you want to do that. They allow mod packs just not in normal lobbies. So yes you can play with each other and no I don't plan on releasing a mod that makes it fully online.

Features V4.1:
Increased skills & buffs
GroundPoundCooldown: twice as fast
Damage increases: 70%ish per item tier
Double ammo: MaxAmmoPistol, MaxAmmoRifle, MaxAmmoShotgun all DOUBLED!
Grapple: Faster grapple
Double inventory: instead of 12 slots for weapons' you get 24!
Speed boost: Run twice as fast
Swim boost
: Swim twice as fast
Loot table boost
: Just increased chance multipliers for loot
Always get loot: The base game has a chance to give you no loot when looting just removed it

Improved BuggyLink
Increase speed: Increased speed and acceleration
Nitro BOOSTED: Increased how much is in the tank
Unlimited fuel: screw fuel who needs it
MAX GRIP: Everything can now be used as a ramp SCREW LACK OF!
Offload DMG OFF: The offroad NO LONGER HURTS GO FAR!

opt dev cod: Remove code not needed
Table text change: The tab will now show the version of the mod
G.R.E: Turned off block movement, now move while on call with them 

1. Download my mod
2. Throw it in
3. C:\library\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DW
4. Click replace and boot the game
5. Have fun slashing!

I make mods,texture but only post mods now and I'm starting a new discord server for support and people to chat with. People who need my help with my mods and people who are looking for modding a game for themselves join my server: LINK