Dying Light
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A little mod I made for myself, decided to share.

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A small mod I made for myself, since the ones I wanted were broken or out-dated.

This mod enhances the player to bionic levels!
Bionic arms? CHECK! - melee unarmed and weapons have a bigger force multiplier ( knock them zombies outta the park )
Bionic legs? CHECK! - kick force multiplier on all forms of kick have been increased ( kick zombies into those spikes for maximum fun )
Bionic heart? SURE WHY NOT! - HP regen rates off the charts! ( who wants to live forever right? I do! )
ABS as standard? YOU BET YOUR ASS - Fall damage pretty much removed ( Nothing's gunna stop this guys parkour flow! )

I dunno, enjoy the mod.

Dropkicks will send zeds flying, jump kick will sometimes do it, working on way to get stationary kicks to work.

UPDATED for Current steam version with The Following dlc.

            Pop the data folder into your data3.pak, this will overwrite Inventory_special.scr and default_levels.xml, see conflicts below

Conflicts? will overwrite anything in the Inventory_special.scr and default_levels.xml, most likely breaking any mod that edits those 2 files.
Should be no need for a new game.