Dungeon Siege II
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Makes Incantations lasts for 30 mins. Simple as that.

Permissions and credits
Based on Incantation Mod v1.0 by Rezzie 

1. Description
This mod does two things:
   [1] Incantation Shrines reactivate instantly.
   [2] Chant of the Dead duration raised from 300 seconds to 3600 seconds.

Note -  this mod is fully compatible with existing saved games.
Incantations 30 Mins - By DeadlyTitan, All Benifits From Base Mod + Chants Lasts For 30 Mins (1800 Seconds)

2. Usage
Place into your Resources directory, usually:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege 2\Resources

Note - Mods Should be, will be and shall be free for ever. I do not accept donations, this is not why we oldschool people used to mod. We mod the game for the love of it and that's how i like to keep things. A simple thanks is more than enough to make us content and satisfied. Just knowing that a person is enjoying our work will make us happy.